Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by seaweed, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

  2. I have a cunning plan. If we make inflatable vehicles but witout the bottom panels, we can pull them over the real thing and make them look like decoys. Haha Mr Ivan, never thought of that one did you? We play chess here too you know... what's that? Oh I see...
  3. I think those are the ones made by the Chinese and used here in the UK too if I'm not very much mistaken.

    You can find them on their heavily Photoshopped website here if you want to buy any . . . they are a competitor of mine though so I'd rather you didn't though.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What's the point of this if not in a war situation?

    It worked alright for us in WW2, but only in hiding our real intent for the invasion of Europe.

    Is there something they aren't telling us?
  5. I remember we had inflatable Sov-looking kit on exercise in Thetford in the early eighties. Wasn't it for training RAF pilots in key vehicle recognition ?
  6. Perhaps they are simply military-themed bouncy castles?
  7. ...could never get the gun barrels to stay rigid (Oh, er, matron !)
  8. DON'T give the monocled one an easy answer to 'fix' the helicopter numbers before the election......
  9. Why don't we drop inflatable bombs on them?
  10. When I was in the TACP at 204 Sig Sqn in the early eighties we used to have them for that very reason. However the best thing about them was the T62 version used to have a large space under the engine decking which allowed us to hide in them on the tank park.
    They were excellent,with a kero heater, canvas chairs and table you could spend most of the day playing cards or kipping, while "testing" the kit.
  11. I-am-also-a-massive-fan-of-the-hyphen-key. Honestly-I-am! ;)
  12. Didn't one of these blow away on one of the Cambrian Patrols a few years back? IIRC it was one of the OTC teams who found it and got a gold overall.
  13. dark ninja - inflatable bombs would just bounce off!
  14. Are you sure they wouldn't just blow up?
  15. Must work these things; I was on safety staff in BATUS a million years ago and a MILAN platoon engaged their own decoy.