Russias getting big ideas, amphibious ones at that.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. To be fair, it's a major climbdown for Russia having to use another country's warship designs. Not that their own ventures in carriers and amphibs were particularly successful.
  2. Insanity, pure and simple.
  3. They want a quicker re-armament and modernization than their home grown defence industry can provide so their forced to go elsewhere. They recently put in a $1.5bn order for Sukhoi fighters too, so they will obviously buy Russian if they can. Seem's like they can't here.

    Oil slick, nah we don't need a 1st tier navy, the Army can do all that can't it :roll: heaven forbid we look to and prepare for the future...
  4. It's ok, I've looked in my crystal ball. We'll be fine.

    Cold and hungry, but fine.
  5. So they can build 4.5gen fighters, SSN's and spacecraft but not relatively simple amphibs?
  6. Apparently so lol Those are, however wildly disparate industries, and they havn't sold many ships to other states, but their aerospace industry has been doing fairly well selling aircraft. As you pointed out anyway, they were never the best at designing suface ships, and because of the conscipt nature of the sailors, most systems on their ships used to have built in redundancies, and could only cruise for short periods of time - as few crew on board could effect decent long running repairs. If they want to modernize then they can't do that anymore, which means they need to alter their entire modus operandi for the surface fleet. SSN's not so much, they have pretty good designs as their best went to the sub fleet as we know. More than even us or the Americans the Russians are still trying to get rid of their Cold War makeup - so far only their airborne brigades have managed it, looks like the Navy is next on the list.

  7. The only 'insanity' paperpuke is that your lords and masters can't even grasp the fact that there are bad people out there who might not play by their defence cutting rules.
  8. I think most of the biggest Soviet-era shipyards were located in Ukraine and the baltic States, correct me if I'm wrong. The Russian shipbuilding industry also lost a lot of skilled staff & human capital to more lucrative civilian industries in the 90s. Look at the problems they've had refitting the Admiral Gorshkov for the Indians over the past few years, it doesn't bode well for their naval building capability...
  9. :roll:
  10. Just think of all the stuff you could do to a ship you are selling to the Russians....
  11. Interesting parallel debate going on amongst the Conservatives at the moment.

    Spectator: The case for naval investment

    I can't help but feel that in 20 years' time the first decade of the 21st Century, and the obsession with Islamic fundamentalism / jihadi terrorists will look like a diplomatic and strategic blind alley that has done the West no good whatsoever, but cost us a lot of lives and treasure which would have been better used confronting the real strategic concerns we face: competition for increasingly scarce natural resources, the decline of the West relative to the Eastern powers, and the impact climate change will have on the world we live in.
  12. Andy, in theory it is possible to construct and build such a vessel. But it requires time, investments. As a result home made ship would be more expensive.

    Our French friends have something to sell. Why mot to buy if it eventually would save money? Being equipped by Russian made helicopters, the ship would be very usefull in the Black sea region.

    Current DF, mr.Serdyukov is not a military man at all. Fat former furniture trader and son-in-Law of Putin's close friend (former PM mr.Zubkov), he looks first of all on the economic side of any investments into military hardware.

    It is not absolutely silly approach.
  13. Not 'absolutely silly', but a bit of a dent to the old self respect and national pride, eh, Sergey? Then again, the Russians are probably used to those by now.
  14. It's not a bad idea. Buy a western ship and reverse enginneer the best features for Russian use....Where do you think some of the best (and worst) Former USSR and PLA toys came from..?