Russia's future

What is the best system for Russia?

  • Vladimir Vladimirovitch is best, now please unclip these ridiculous electrodes from my testicles

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  • Democracy

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Restore the Tzar

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  • Who cares, it won't affect us who runs Russia, they are all pragmatists. Now pass the port.

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Press reports from Russia seem to show a trend of increasing protests against President Putin, and wonder if we might see a regime change there shortly. There's even a Wikipedia page now Putin must go - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think that Putin has been good for Russia internationally, insofar as we are all now wary of him. His publicity stunts may indicate that he could be a loose cannon with his finger on the nuclear trigger, but then I always was a worrier.

Hopefully if/when he goes, it will be a peaceful transition.

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