Russia's FSB Colonel - hooligan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. It is a personal story happened with my wife (btw she is a former lieutenant of KGB) and it lasts almost two years.

    I'm aware that some journalists use to visit the Great ARRSE site and I suppose that it would be funny for the readers in the UK to learn how criminal and corrupted is Putin's regime.


    30 April 2010 my wife drives her car (Suzuki Swift) in the centre of Moscow. Suddenly a motorcycle Kawasaki appears just to the left from the car. My wife asks the driver to be careful and not to damage her new car. But the man catches the side glass in the left door and begins to shake it and after a green light he crushes the side mirror of the car by 2-3 hits of his fist.

    As the Kawasaki runs away my wife summoned the police and filled a formal complain. The number plate of the motorcycle was 5349AH50. Later we became aware that the hooligan is a colonel of secret service FSB Ostroukhov Kirill Igorevich 35 years old, a relative of General Colonel of FSB V.V.Ostroukhov.

    At that time my wife wrote only digits from the number plate but there are not so many motorcycles in the Moscow area. Recent series are AK, AM, AH. It was quite easy for the police to find the motorcycle (brand new, greed, with salad shade of green). And no doubt that the hooligan was found quickly.

    But… the criminal case still last and soon 30 April it likely will be closed. We complained in prosecutors office and in the police many times. We complained in FSB and in the Administration of the President (more than 15 lettres and 2 personal visits). All in vain.

    The hooligan goes unpunished. Look at him. Last November I occasionally fount this photo in internet.


    I informed an Russian investigative journalist about this case and he published an article on the side of a popular Radio "Echo of Moscow".

    The authorities keep silence.
  2. Sergei, you're a brave man to keep following this case up - you know what can happen if you make too much nuisance.

    I can assure you that its far worse if you are a foreigner in Russia; normally its a struggle even to get the Police to take a statement.....

    I was working for a major foreign oil company in Russia in the 90s. Our office in Siberia took delivery of two brand new Toyota Landcruisers (to get to the gas fields long way to the north). Both vehicles were stolen within three or four days - from a secure compound in a business centre with security. Funnily enough, the security did not see or hear anything, and the CCTV broke down for the critical time period. All was not lost, however, as both vehicles were easy to see in the small city - they were simply driving around with their new owners. Unfortunately one owner was in the Police department, and the other was in the Mayor's office. They'd already been re-registered - of course a lengthy, difficult procedure for a normal citizen, let alone with stolen vehicles with existing GAI registration docs! There was an effort to recover the vehicles, but eventually our company was told to "get lost or else" by the local administration. The vehicles were written off as total loss, and eventually it became a (rather strained) joke between us and the administration about our "foreigners tax" that we'd paid....
  3. Alas, your story does not surprise me. There are two types of bandits in Russia. Ordinary ones and bandits in the police uniform.

    Bandits at power, bandits in the Parliament and their boss Putin as a president - it is modern Russia.
  4. Their Mafia State, their Mafia State rules.
  5. What on Earth would you hope to achieve by posting this on ARRSE?
    let us assume that it happened as stated, let us further assume that some journalist decides to print.

    Given the situation you describe, would not the "bandits" know who you are and then make things MOST difficult for you and yours. As you point out facts and outcome are not even closely related and I seem to recall that people who cross the Putin crowd seem to have a record of being charged, convicted and then banged up for many years for THEIR alleged crimes.

    So I say again, what could this possibly achieve?
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  6. Is he Second or Third Main Directorate?
  7. Don't the Russians usually solve this sort of thing with an umbrella or a syringe of Po-210.
  8. Sad tale Serge.
    Indiana, sometimes it's cathartic to share life's vicissitudes.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Get Arte on the case, he'll have the **** sorted in a matter of days.
  10. This, I can categorically state, did not happen! If it did, please do not hack into my computer and please definately do not look at my search history. Especially the long hours I've spent trawling through Thanks Tovarisch
  11. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    don't go to London and drink pots of tea mate .
  12. Dear IndianaDel,

    it is just a funny story that demonstrates how all 'law-enforcement' structures in Russia are ready to defend even a primitive hooligan if he belongs to the 'untouchables'.

    Why can't I share it with our friends? I believe that some of them still regard moron Putin as a stongman who is rather a wise ruler. But really he is a head of a criminal gang.

    If I had even a shade of hope that I could achive anything then I would post this thread on ARRSE pages long ago. Now it is just a funny story about corrupted Putin's regime. No more.

    As for my remark about journalists then why not to allow them to write. It's their work.
  13. Why? I'm fond of tea drinking. Maybe quality of tea in the UK now are poor? Unlikely. Just a week ago I returned from Italy. There are excellent coffee and tea in hotels and restaurants.

    So Putin's agents had a good opportunities to poison me in Italy. As they missed it then unlikely it would happen in the UK.
  14. Couldn't agree more. However, it is an insult for the Italians to compare their noble Mafia with primitive Putin's gangsters.
  15. You can always leave Sergei, very nice Russian waitresses in my local restaurant.