Russians with too much money

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Chrome painting, why anyone would want to turn the car of their dreams a giant mirror is just beyond my understanding. This BMW M3 is the creation of Russian tuning firm called Dereiter Racing - and yes, I did notice the American flag waving outside the shop :) Regardless of your taste buds, the mirror-like chrome paint finish on the M3 Coupe-Convertible seems well executed. Check out the car for yourselves in the video:

    Russian BMW M3 Coupe-Convertible Chromed from Top to Bottom
  2. Thats great Jellyhead, thanks for your contribution. A nice bit of cutting and pasting there. Is constructing a sentence still a bit of a struggle?

    You could try here:

    No need for thanks.
  3. I see you still haven't got your ears fixed yet spaz
  4. ROTFLLMAOLOL :roll:
  5. Tell the truth SPAZ your not interested in anything i post other than chuggin off to my sig, its a force of habit for you. And are you turning into an Airborne_Aircerw as he is a w_anker too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops need more buckfast. When Markintime said,
    sorry to break your heart he was joking Spaz
  6. eh? spaz the chav??

    anyway JB that is a shocker, imagine doing that to an M3...fking amazing
  7. Yeah, imagine painting a knobs car in 'look at me; I'm a knob' silver.

    Fucking amazing!!
  8. I much prefer my Audi R8 in Red...stag on :D
  9. Touché old bean! Dull, but nice. You wont get more personality in a car than in my 1.4D Polo.
  10. ahhh a VW Diesel...lovely
  11. She's a beauty! The interior is really set off by the acid from the leaking battery I was storing on the back seats.

    Is this thread not binned yet?
  12. should be :D

    I had a VW diesel passat in 92and it was 300yrs old then :) ..never let me down, what a car
  13. What about his 6 year rust and paint warranty? 8O He's made a balls up there. Shame it didn't actually make the car look any better.
  14. I'm sure the dick who had that done doesn't worry about warrantys
  15. But what if it rusts through in 5 years time?

    Anyway, if he was such a rich, flash geezer why did he not have it gold plated? Rust warranty again, I know. Cheapskate!