Russians Up the Anti on the US Missle Shield in Eastern Europe They Prepare for War!!

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An exert..

First, I am instructing the Defense Ministry to immediately put the missile attack early warning radar station in Kaliningrad on combat alert. Second, protective cover of Russia's strategic nuclear weapons, will be reinforced as a priority measure under the programme to develop out air and space defenses. Third, the new strategic ballistic missiles commissioned by the Strategic Missile Forces and the Navy will be equipped with advanced missile defense penetration systems and new highly-effective warheads. Fourth, I have instructed the Armed Forces to draw up measures for disabling missile defense system data and guidance systems if need be... Fifth, if the above measures prove insufficient, the Russian Federation will deploy modern offensive weapon systems in the west and south of the country, ensuring our ability to take out any part of the US missile defense system, in Europe. One step in this process will be to deploy Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad Region.
Fitin' Talk!
Washington has singularly failed to convince Moscow of the 'true' nature and intent of siting radars and missiles in Poland/Czech Rep. And, to be frank, I can see Moscow's position.

Why is the US going to all this expense to set up a defensive shield against a threat/capability that doesn't exist and, allegedly, they are doing all they can to prevent ever existing. And, as a final backstop, Tel Aviv will never allow to exist because they, of course, are the real target not CONUS. ???

Moscow has, quite rightly in their opinion, perceived this as a military system directed towards them and have decided to take steps to counter the 'threat'.

Eastern Europe may well become a little less safe because the US has decided to plough on with its own hubris without having the sense to ensure all concerned really understand and accept the project for what they claim it is.
Great foolishness on the part of the US. Mutually Assured Destruction has been shown to work between nation-states and power blocs: pissing about with highly questionable technology that upsets that 'delicate balance of terror' at any time is irresponsible; to do so at a time of financial hardship is not far short of criminal.
It's an interesting one this. For the last decade the US obsession with Iraq and AFG has allowed the Russians to push back hard in their "near abroad" and, largely unreported (funny that), restore a lot of the buffer zone they used to enjoy when the Soviet Union existed.

I'm not too clear though on how much is the US seriously trying to contain Russia and how much is just throwing a bone to eastern european states who feel distinctly worried right about now. After all, the problem with living between Germany and Russia on a plain with no strategic defensive features is that you tend to end up being a bitch for one or the other of them. Or both, just ask the Poles. And with the Germans and the Russians both getting on famously the only possible saviour is the US.

The Russians have played a good game though, they have made a sensible offer to set up a joint missile defence system to counter the alleged threat - I'd have called them on that personally.

And the other problem is that Russia has some quite sophisticated SRBMs these days. Details are scarce but usually point to depressed trajectories and manoeuvering, terminally guided warheads. They are ahead of the West in this respect because we don't build or operate this class of weapon any more. And Western SAMs are all getting older without replacements in the pipeline. Don't forget, the UK has nothing in its inventory that could take on an incoming Iskander.

The message is clear; install US forces on your territory postured against Russia and day 1 of any conflict involves a Brigade's worth of Iskander raining down on them. I mean, just think what the US would do if someone installed foreign missiles in their back yard, say Cuba ....
Don't pay much attention to the speech sounded by Putin's puppet, so called 'president' Medvedev.

The real cause is looming parliamentary elections (4 December). Putin and his thieving gang try to present thamselves as 'defenders of Russia's interests'.

They are empty words, no more.
So WW3 just around the corner then.Iran nukes Israel,,USA nukes Iran,,USSR nukes Europe,,World population drops by 3billion,,But I'm allright Jack....(I have my tin hat and my sh*d is well stocked)
I got a fair old shovel-full of the brown stuff some years ago when I was suggesting that the Soviet bear had not gone away, but was merely sleeping. Never mind, the tall streak of amber fluid is in charge of defences now, so we shall be safe, especially as the fvck-wit Fox's reductions to all three Services were so perfectly planned and executed.

Slight lateral thinking but let us be extra nice to the Yanks and to the Turks until the Soviets calm down.

More lateral thinking. The European Soviet Union (ESU) is claiming all the credit for peace in Europe since the year dot. What do they intend to do about this threat? The French and the 'Eyeties' are probably already taking their stocks of white flags to the dry cleaners. I bet the Baltic States and the former Warsaw Pact countries are wetting themselves. Maybe the ESU will threaten the Soviets with a visit from Mrs Ashton! That should put them b ack in their box.
Trouble is: China's doing the same sort of thing. It is promoting nationalistic aggression to sometimes unacceptable levels - ask anyone who has lived there in recent years. Strange that it is not reported on more in our media.

Think I'll bugger off to South Africa or Argentina to retire.
It's even more interesting when viewed alongside the recent test of the scram jet cruise, or whatever thon bomb-y thing the Americans played with was.

Are they working towards making ballistic missiles obsolete?
The Russians were putting Iskanders into the enclave some months ago.
Estonia has had cyber attacks which I understand could be classified as an attack on a NATO country because of the damage that was caused.
Russian planes buzzed NATO air defences the week before last ish.
Statements emitting from America state that US forces are going to re-focus on the Pacific.

Missile Defence is a trip wire and the Russians know it.

Very similar to the positioning of Arleigh Burkes in the Med and the Black Sea, I understand that the latest flight 3 Burkes will be equipped with improved BMD.

Posturing. Putin was booded the other day...
Shale gas reserves in Poland and now the Czech Republic could begin eroding the grip that the Russians have on EU countries.
Of course, what I do not know is how much of Russian financial interests are vested in Western Europe. Are they looking at a haircut as well and if so, what will it do to the political climate in Russia?
According to this wiki page.....

US missile defense complex in Poland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Obama cancelled this project in 2009? If this is true why are the Russians checking teddies about? Is the project live or not.

From wiki
The reformulated project announced most prominently by Vice President Biden in October, 2009, would entail smaller, mobile SM-3 interceptors, to be emplaced by 2018. The whole of the Obama plan "envisions stationing existing SM-3 interceptors as part of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense on Aegis-equipped ships in the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere by 2011, and on land in Eastern Europe by 2015. A more advanced system would be deployed by 2018, and another generation, theoretically capable of shooting down intercontinental missiles, by 2020."[8]
wonder if thats why? i dont know much about stuff painted white though
I'm not too clear though on how much is the US seriously trying to contain Russia and how much is just throwing a bone to eastern european states who feel distinctly worried right about now. After all, the problem with living between Germany and Russia on a plain with no strategic defensive features is that you tend to end up being a bitch for one or the other of them. Or both, just ask the Poles. And with the Germans and the Russians both getting on famously the only possible saviour is the US.
That missile shield is more about defense pork and posturing than anything.

Here's what NightWatch thinks.
Russia-NATO: President Medvedev ordered army leaders to prepare to deploy the Iskander-M road-mobile weapons system to the Kaliningrad enclave on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland.

Medvedev warned that other weapons could be placed in southern and western Russia, enabling them to strike European targets within minutes. He said Russia also plans to create new defense systems that would allow Russian missiles to penetrate the NATO shield. Although Russia will continue to negotiate, NATO and the United States are not interested in compromise, Medvedev said, adding that failure to reach an agreement could lead to the next arms race.

Comment: The Russian statement that US and NATO missile bases will be targeted is a statement of prudent targeting. It has no escalatory or ominous content. Everybody targets the other side's bases. That has been the case for half a century and modern press hype actually lags prudent defense planning by Russia and NATO.

Moving beyond the bluster and irresponsible and ignorant press coverage, Readers need to appreciate that Prime Minister Putin is the "czar" of Russia and that Putin considers the present US administration to be a God-send for Putin's plan to restore Russian military and security capabilities.

That means that President Medvedev and other Russian officials may be relied on to exaggerate Western threats to Russian security interests because they help generate more money for Russian forces and help restore Russia as a great power, consequential in the resolution of all global security issues, which Russia is not now. For this reason, for example, Russia invariably will back Iran in any confrontation with the US, even though Russia absolutely has no strategic interest in a nuclear armed Iran on its southern border. However, Russia is determined to be a player.

Conversely, the day that Russia ceases its opposition to US and Western sanctions on Iran would be the day that Russian intelligence has concluded that Iran has a deliverable nuclear weapon, not just a weapons program.

My bold, that last paragraph is spot on.
Russia is pure sabre rattling, it keeps the Russian citizen happy that the government are in control. :)

BTW, i have to admit that i would feel uncomfortable knowing that another country had ballistic missiles pointed at my own countrymen.

Obama: Remove these provocative devices, you did not like it when Cuba had them pointing at you!
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