Russians to smoke and drink more

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bullet_catcher, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. In Russia, where men are men, the Finance Minister has asked everyone to smoke and drink more in order to increase tax receipts. Yes, is your patriotic duty oh ho ho ho bastard (cough).

    Report here Russians urged to smoke and drink more to help the nation -

    The news surfaced yesterday, so apologies if this has been done before, I did a forum search before posting.
  2. Is it even humanly possible for Russians to drink more?

    They treat vodka the same way some women treat "designer" water - to be carried at all times and drunk at every possible occasion to ensure they drink the recommended 8 litres a day.
  3. Steven I agree with you completely. If a fish were to drink water as fast as a Russian drinks vodka, the poor fish would drown.
  4. Isn't alcoholism easily the leading cause of death for Russian men? (after Stalin, that is)
  5. In another decade or so... probably. :(
  6. I believe alcoholism was the highest cause of death before Stalin as well :D

    It's a two pronged approach. Drive up taxes and kill em off young to save pension funds. Brilliant!
  7. What fiendish Slavic cunning! :)
  8. I think we should have the same approach, especially with chavs. Lower the tax on alcohol and make designer drugs legal so they can be taxed but add liberal doses of rat poison or similar to ensure they all die young, preferably without breeding.
  9. Enforced Darwinism. I like the thought of that
  10. Sub-contract the poisoning role to the legions of British-born Islamic fundamentalists that supposedly infest the country. They can be relied on to do the job diligently for bugger-all cost, they'll be doing society a favour, and getting that whole mass-murdering-the-infidel thing out of their systems. A guaranteed winner, I tell you.
  11. Come on. Have you seen their attempts at creating a reign of terror? We want somebody to do the job who actually stands a chance of getting it done.

    I'd suggest lacing Tesco own-brand baby milk with contraceptives. Catch 'em just before they start breeding.