Russians. Is it just me, or...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, May 21, 2013.

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  1. No, they are an emerging economy and we must embrace them

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  2. Ask Litvinenko's widow about the bastards

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  3. I have actually met a Russian who was not a complete ****

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  4. What the **** is a Russian?

    10 vote(s)
  5. Do one you never served but well dressed sheeps ****

    14 vote(s)
  6. Marry me, lovely Iron Duke

    12 vote(s)
  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    It is bad and wrong to stereotype people by their ethnicity. I know Germans with a wicked sense of humour. A French guy who is nails and a Cloggie who does not smoke pot. My mate Pete Singh the Brick Dust King does not run a corner shop. He deals heroin cut with brick dust. Hence his name.

    But the Russians are getting on my tits.

    We had the rich ones appearing in Switzerland and France ten years ago, but now the rest have come out of their box. They have no manners. If you hold a door open they will barge through. If you say "excuse me" because they are in your way they will glance at you and not move. Which means you have to step back then walk through and clatter the bastards which gets you "Was that strictly necessary?" from the bird.

    Is it just me or do other people feel the fucking Russians are a bigger threat to civilisation than the Iranians getting the bomb?
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  2. They have some hot women. I'll give them that.
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  3. Don't knock em all, you can buy Russian women over the internet ffs.

    I don't know what the returns policy is though.
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  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    At my time of life a nibble will do. Thanks son. Have a Like.
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  5. Arrogant rude, queue- jumping cunts........ and that's when they're relaxing on holiday.

    Then there's their charming habit in the all- inclusives of piling up their plates a foot high with meat, having their photo taken behind it with a knife and fork in their paws, then walking away from it..... cunts.
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  6. A hole in Epping Forest, and a watertight alibi.
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  7. I don't think you'll get a refund though.

    Maybe they do a part exchange system? Can I have a new one, I'm bored of this one and it's worn out/leaking etc
  8. If you time it right they breed their own replacement.
  9. Russians or Geordies ? quelle est la difference?
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  10. F*cking horrors!

    Was on the west coast of india travelling up to Goa and came across quite a few Ivan's and their horrendous family's in cheap-sh*t resorts. Top tip: Do not stay in a hotel where one of the menu/signage languages is Russian - you WILL regret it!

    Only beaten by the Chinese to be honest. A ruder more inconsiderate group of people i have never met. It's the continual spitting you see...

    Bet my laptop gets destroyed by a Denial of Service Attack tonight now!
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  11. obvious joke alert

    one lot are poorly dressed criminals with terrible haircuts and a virtually incomprehensible way of speaking and the others (here comes the obvious punchline)

    are Russians.

    thank you, I'm here all week, try the veal etc.
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  12. I went on a touring holiday there when it was the USSR, early 80s. Moscow - Siberia - Moscow - Leningrad. The hotels we stopped in the staff were either trying to buy your western clothes - even the ones you were wearing - or if you wanted some sort of help, info or service from them, all you got was a negative answer often accompanied by a sneer. The tour guide we had could speak good English up to the point were you asked an awkward or potentially embarrassing question, then he'd clam up. Miserable bunch of cunts on a good day.

    Of all the only countries I've ever visited, it's the only one that felt truly "foreign". A shithole.

    Edit, whilst in Siberia, we spent 3 days on the Trans-Siberian railway. Note I didn't say "Express", 'cos it never got above 40mph and would stop for ages in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason. After we got off the train - stinking as there were no real washing facilities - we spent a night in a hotel in a town the name of which escapes me. The memorable thing about that hotel was the bog seats were made of of the coarsest chipboard I've ever seen, that had had a coat of varnish put on it. I strongly suspect they'd been fitted to the bogs only in the rooms the Westerners were put in.

    There was obviously a weekly tourist menu. We flew overnight from Moscow to Chabarovsk and with the time difference, got the same meals for 2 days - and they were shit. On the second week, we got the same meals as we'd had on the first week. I never thought a MaccyDee could taste so good when I got back to the UK.

    The hotel in Chabarovsk had the only bar in town and the police came around at 20:00 to close it. Apart from us, there were only 3 or 4 locals in it, all of whom looked distinctly dodgy characters.
  13. Bumping into Spams was bad on holidays but a run-in with that bunch of peasants is the pits.

    Misfortune once, in Malta about 8 years ago. They are from the absolute pits of Mordor.

    1 reason why I keep putting off a return-visist to Sunny Cypres, apparantly these fukcing Orc's are there as well.

    Mutter, oil roubles, mutter, Bolshie buggars, muttter, fantastic birds, grumble...
  14. You missed out Violent fucking headcase shoplifting cunts in your survey. Who seem to live off shoplifted Vodka and cheap Steroids.

    Fuck knows what the blokes are like.
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  15. Probably the most obnoxious group of peasants you'll encounter while on holiday as 3 trips to Turkey have highlighted for me.
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