Russians booby trapped toys in Afganistan????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. There are a lot of sources for this.
  2. Yeah, old news. Not exactly the best way to win hearts & minds. I'm betting there's still a few of those "toys" still around there waiting for someone to pick them up
  3. Dolls, yo-yos, and other defused items aquired by ODAs who operated in A-stan are in the inventory at 5th group's residence on Fort Campbell... eventually the artifacts will reside in the SF museum but for the moment they are used as training aids.
  4. Soviet war in Afghanistan was senseless and resultless. The withdrawal after almost a decade of fightings was inevitable. If you would like to know how Iraqi war (and also current Afghan war) would end then read about Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. There is only one exception I fancy. Pro-Soviet puppet regime was able to be at power 2 years. But the West hasn't reliable pro-Western regimes in the mentioned countries.
  5. What about Soviet use of Chemical wpns? Any truth in a rumour that they used a small (~1kT) nuke on a cave complex?

    Jock Jimmy
  6. Never heard anything about a nuclear device being employed by the Soviets JJ... if they did, I can garauntee we would have detected and publicized it so the theory is questionable.

    Chemical weapons on the other hand were routinely used on remote towns and villages that provided support to the mujahadeen. Plenty of evidence of that...
  7. well we should know ourselves by now... we have been there 3 times already :x and those were the days when we were the biggest superpower in the world with no americans to impede us
  8. American culture....hmmmm, The Simpsons and doughnuts!!! Hmmm....