Russians accusing Brits of spying

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SuperSnake092, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Just seen on the news that once again our large European ally has accused british diplomats of spying. Full story (so far of course and according to media sources) on link below.

    Any thoughts????????
  2. Lol. A way for putin to tarnish these NGO's appearence, in the eyes of russians. (Non Governement Organisation?). With more support, he can weaken them therefore further empowering state rule, or something similar. A jinky sausage that bloke, certainly clever anyway.

    In addition, makes a cracking little story for the ruskie civilians - makes them think their country is worth spying on!

    The top secret plans for boiled cabbage soup anyone?? Perhaps I'll sell them on ebay... :|
  3. It cheered me up this morning!

    Those damn ruskies, they're mad as fish! :D

    C'mon Sergey. What have you got for us today? :wink:

    Only in Russia can such a statement be made with absolutely no sense of irony and with a straight face. :D
  5. From what I have seen on the BBC World Service TV it does come across a bit on the strange side.
    Just assuming NKVDs lads have it right and Perfidious Albion has been cought with her drawers down.
    I find it hard to beleive that with the Fendish Cunning of the Brit we would need to have a 'Staffer' walk outside the Embassy and 'Interogate' the 'Stone; from a side walk with a batter powered 'Vibrator'.
    Shurely a more powerful 'Interigator' a mains jobber, would be operted from inside Embassy and aimed from inside of said building.
    Ivan's probably trying to get us out of that location.
  6. OK. I have this really bizarre mental image floating around my noggin at the moment. Erm, Stand-by One...
  7. No doubt the FSB are trying to tell the MI6 Station Chief, who normally hides behind another title at the Embassy such as Cultural Attche that the Russians know who the British Intel boys are.

    Such incidents like the most recent one are not uncommon. I dont think we will be getting to the stage of the Russian Foreign Ministry doing what the British Foreign Office did back in Sept 1971 when they began Operation Foot and expelled 90 Russian Diplomats in London for Activites not compatible to their status. The lovley latin word of " Persona non grata".
  8. Im sure Russia is in Asia and not Europe!!!!
  9. Holy hell! Someone in Moscow has been watching too many James Bond movies. What's next? "Sirs....please remove your watches, we fear they have built in lasers and the ability to detonate claymore mines remotely!"
  10. Exactly Manchester_rouge. This crap goes on at a normal basis over there and over here...
  11. If the russians decided to turn off the gas (just for sh*ts and giggles) all of western europe would be cooking cabbage by candle light in about 10 days..
  12. - Im sure Russia is in Asia and not Europe!!!! -

    India-Juliet, perhaps you would like to take out that atlas and look again. Russia stradles Europe and Asia, with Moscow in Europe. Still, you septics are'nt to good on the old geography are you
  13. Feck me, we gave up running press conferences in Connelly House on those "stones" about 10 years ago
  14. Ah and so it begins again!