Russian youths hound UK envoy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 8, 2006.

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    So with whom Mr Brenton took part in the conference?


    Maybe Russian ambassador should take part in a BNP conference?
  2. Your mates don't sound that great either:

    "One activist from the youth wing of the liberal Yabloko party claims the [Nashi] movement is trying to intimidate young people and stop them from joining pro-Western groups. Ilya Yashin, who was thrown out of Nashi's founding conference once his identity was discovered, accused the movement of acting as "a cover for storm brigades" that will use violence against democratic organisations.

    Nashi are already setting up squads to maintain order in the streets and local police officials are considering whether to provide the group with tear gas weapons.


    "Ever since Soviet times we've had volunteers who helped the police - we called them druzhniki. And yes, some of our members may be giving up their time to help maintain law and order on the streets. What is wrong with that?" he asks.

    "I think you have the same kinds of volunteers in the West and that is part of building a responsible civil society."

    Hmm a youth movement which flourished under the Soviets, now to be provided with tear gas, camping outside the UK ambassador's residence...
  3. Oh, no, no. I dislikes these morons. So called 'Nashi' is the Kremlin sponsored so called 'movement'. Mainly it consists of dullards with IQ visibly below the mean level.

    Though so called National Bolsheviks are not better.

    I meant something else. I doubt that it would be right for British ambassador to take part is a conference with participation of the leader of National Bolsheviks. It is clearly an extremist group. Maybe the UK supports extremism of this sort?
  4. Maybe Russian ambassador should take part in a BNP conference?

    If He wants to, that's Democracy.

    As the Russian Embassy in London is in one of the most expensive and well guarded pieces of real estate in London, I don't think the Russian Ambassador need worry about ANYONE camping outside His Residence (oh and certainly not with CS gas)
  5. I understand your point and completely agree with you. According to Vienna convention Russian authorities MUST protect British ambassador and remove these hooligans outside the British embassy in Moscow.

    However, few years ago a prominent Russian senator (head of commitee for foreign relations) mr.Margelov being invited by British paliament and accompanied by a representative of FCO was detained by British policemen just few yards from DS10. Despite fierce objections of the representative of FCO (she confirmed the status of official guest of British parliament) he was frisked, questioned (including such a humiliating question as why he arrived into the UK). Mr.Blair (I mean highly esteemed leader of the UK), both houses of the Parliament braught official apologies. Though mr.Blair (sir Ian) hadn't apologied.
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I recall some years ago sat in a distinguised circle prior to the Berlin wall coming down and subsequently Glasnost and Perestroika. The debate revolved around what should be done about the Eastern Block when it fell. I fondly think of the time as it illustrated to me that the media don't know Jack Sh!t about what is around the corner, and many topics dicussed over port and a cigar occur far before the event.

    I think that if we consider the Kremlin the KGB indoctrination will never be far from their minds. Fact is as I was thinking today with Western (post) industrialised nations as the opposition the Soviet adventure was doomed to fail. Capitalism and the 'free' market is the order of the day, like it or loathe it, fact. Thus in actuality if these groups in Russia sit down they'll see they're not too far apart. The nationalist youth are 'run' by a Kremlin with security service links, security services indoctrinated in the Soviet Era. The Bolsheviks yearn for the socialist ideal of yesterday, when as I said confronted by the radical capitalism economics of the post industrial western MIC it didn't work, so they must work clever rather than working hard. I guess if one crosses a Red October with a Blue November, one gets a lovely shade of Purple. Just a thought....
  7. This is getting a touch close to where journalsts love to copy and paste
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well in that case I had better edit my spelling :twisted:
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Actually just looked into this Eurasian philosophy, very interesting its been my catch word for a month since I wrote a recent paper called 'Discuss Archaeological and Fossil Evidence for the Dispersal of H. erectus to Eurasia.' I liked the sound of the word when I read the question and it certainly fits into my world view. Now in a free market all China and Russia need to do is convince Africans that they'll pay them a fairer price (wake up SWAPO, ANC etc. :twisted: Oiii, no sleeping on the job!!!) and its onward and upward for our land mass ;) Oh wait there didn't I read somewhere that....