Russian woman soldiers rapists

Recently I was told that well-known British writer and historian James Lucas wrote in his book "Last Days of the Reich" page 29 (though there are many editions. It is before the chapter 1.Baltic sector: Kurland)

It was widely reported that woman soldiers of the Red Army had, in effect, raped Hungarian men by ordering the Magyar males to have intercourse with them
I haven't this priceless book at hand. So can anybody there confirm me the quote?

James Lucas fought with the British infantry in the Second World War. He has long since established a reputation as a popular historian with a particular interest in good soldiering. Battle Group! Is one of a number of books about his former enemy.
I deserve a medal for the pain that I suffered while visiting the mess on Gun Hill. I'm sure I know what those blokes experienced.

However I did it for Queen and country. :D

BMH Hannover disco - WTF was I thinking!!!!

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