Russian weapons to Algeria for $7,500,000,000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 11, 2006.

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  2. A new air show to mark on the calendar? The Algiers Air Show, why else would they need them. That's a serious attempt at stopping German tourists stealing all the beach towels or am I resorting to racial stereotypes?
  3. As I'm aware, huge gas-pipelines from Algeria to Europe are under cinstruction. And Algerie will become an important source of natural gas. Bearing in mind the liberation of Iraq, Algerians decided that it would be wise from their side to make preventive counter-measures.

    Looking at Iranian example, it is not too hard task to imagine possible pressure against Algeria.
  4. Are we supposed to be worried because I am. Read the reports and Algeria does not seem the ideal customer for all that hardware but then when does the arms industry ever worry about that. Still they will be providing us with gas soon so that's ok. Or is it?
  5. Algeria is on side. Additionally given the amount of european and american investment in what has been a closed market for over a decade, coupled with the rising oil revenues, no one wants to upset the apple cart, especially after the black decade of the islamist problem. Algeria was one of the first offerers of help to the US post Sept 11. Bear in mind until Iraq, Algeria position at the top of the islamist atrocity table was not likely to be challenged.

    Regionally though Algeria needs to be strong and that is well regarded by Washington. The sahara is looked at as a possible new safe haven for AQ sympathetic militants. the US Pan Sahel initiative tackled this in neighbouring countries. Algeria having a better military capability is in support of the US's regional aims.

    There are 2 pipelines currently running into europe. one via tunisia to sicily and one via morocco across the straits of Gib. The algerians are building a third of their own as they are fed up with paying tax to their neighbours. OTTOMH Algeria is 4th in world in Gas and 7th in oil.

    Halliburton and Bechtel are well established in Algeria's oil infrastructure. In fact there are nearly more US oil interests in Algeria than European. That could be strategically interesting if Europe and US fall out over oil.

    The military build up is not really an issue as only a populist islamist party coming to power will make it a threat to western interests, and look what happened the last time that happened!

    However, if the government doesn't reduce unemployment and social problems, the good work done by the amnesties and the populations current distaste for islamists will slowly disappear. Then its a whole different ball game
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Afraid i am in agreement here - not exactly the most balanced of allies.

    + who exactly is their enemy? Type of weapons here are not exactly great for local sy and not really enough for ground interdiction. I take it the battle will be won in the air?? 8O
  7. Good question. Really, what countries are Algerian potential enemies?

    Morocco, Tunisia, Lybia? Absolutely impossible, at least in near future.

    EU - countries? Unlikely, gas-weapon would be very effective in this case.

    Israel? It would be highly unwise for Jewish state to attack Algeria.

    What country hasn't been mentioned? It is a rhetorical question of course.

    By the way SS-300 is a very effective anti-aircraft complex.

  8. The Algerian Government is heavily influenced by the French Government. I dont think the sale of all this equipment will raise many eyebrows of Intel Services around the World.
  9. The French Government would like to think it's still influencing the Algerian Government but with the move towards more traditional Islamic values in Algeria and and the French unrest, the stop me and burn one riots during the summer which of course would be seen as a clampdown on traditional Muslim car burning then I'd be surprised if the Algerians give a fcuk what France says, I know I don't.