Russian warships in Cuban visit

A group of Russian warships is to visit Cuba for the first time since the Soviet era, the Russian navy has said.

The visit, scheduled for 19-22 December, will be led by the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko.

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So what do you think of all this? As far as I can see, this could be quite a strain on Russia's navy. Supporting several warships that far from home when they're that underfunded.

Is this another example of Russia flexing it's might again? On reading this I was reminded of the resurgence of N.Sea Bear Bomber patrols.

Could be nothing mind but I'm still interested!

Back in September the Russian Air Force deployed 2 Tu 160s to Venezuala. Red 07 Aeksandr Molodchoy and Red 11 Vassilliy Senko both from 121st Gvardeyskyy Tyazhelyi Bombardirovocvhnyl Aviatsonnyi Pulk from Engals Air base near Saratov
For several read 'two'. The destroyer visiting Cuba commissioned in 1998, and as such is the only one to do so post-USSR. Same goes for the nuclear cruiser. I predicted which ships they would send when all this was first announced under the assumption that they would only send their two newest ships as only they could be trusted to work. I was right :D

Edited to add - the other two ships of this fleet are a tanker, and, in an act demonstrating Russian faith - a tug.

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