Russian Troops to Iraq?

How deliciously ironic

"Bright Star" anyone? :cry:
If this article is remotely true then we are all in deep shit. Having seen how the Russians acted in Kosovo this does not bode well for Falujah or for the reputation of the coalition in Iraq.
Any idea what russian rations are like? Do they have vodka? Or is potato(Bush) and cabbage (Bliar) soup the new diet plan? Saves going to russia for the internet bride.
It should prove interesting if it is true. However, the Ukrainian Forces in theatre aren't acting up as far as I know - and their doctrinal training system as well as military "culture" are almost one and the same.

For the large part, the Russian forces in Chechnya were not your traditional "Cat A" soldiers. They were very much of the lower B and C grade units augmented with type A equipment and sub-units. I would think that a large scale effort with as much at stake - both good and bad - would warrent the Russian politicos to think very hard on which specific units are tasked and how they conduct operations.

I think we'll have to wait out on this. No doubt our political masters have the same concerns about this type of involvement by Russia - and I'm sure will have a great time in trying to tell the Russians how they'd like ops to be conducted.

Russians don't do "Hearts and Minds".
Russia's stock in the M.E. has been rising just by virtue of the fact that it hasn't participated.

Why would V. Putin & Co. be so keen on pulling W's chestnuts out of the fire?
I think the Russians are there because the Poles are there. They just love invading Poland! And their better at it than the Boxheads.

If they go, they'll be going to flex their muscle.... ex-Superpower and all that. Also, they have homegrown islamic terrorism to worry about. Their "War on Terror" makes the Yanks' one look like hearts and minds.

i agree that they don't do peacekeeping...... in their language, the words are not joined together in any sentence... they are two separate entities. The closest they get in their language to Peacekeeping is Peace Enforcement. Interesting times.
Last three times the Russkies invaded Poland.

1945 - Poles already smacked and either in Italy, NW Europe or helping the Sovs.

1940 - Poles rather busy elsewhere and in no state to fight a war on two fronts.

1921 - Sovs got their arses kicked and had to aske for peace.
Having stripped Russia of all their assets and fled abroard to purchase vast London mansions for the price of keeping a Scottish Regt is this the first move by Putin to purchase Man Utd?
Russian Army has always been a brutalizing snake pit for the lower ranks and no picnic for junior officers. For details, see "Inside The Red Army," by GRU defector "Viktor Suvorov." I doubt whether that circumstance has much to do with apparent Russian decision to sit out this dance.

I figure it's a simple self-interest calculation. Let the USA and, secondarily, the UK, become objects of fury and scorn, whilst Russia can strike a pose, at no cost to the national treasury, of benevolent, high-minded neutrality.
Personally I think this is toss.
"By contrast, no Muslim expects an Islamic state to stand up to a power like Russia, even in its senescence."
Errr.....Afghanistan 1979-1989?

"The other option is to pursue the enemy regardless of the cost in civilian lives. Never have American ground forces done this. It is one thing to annihilate Tokyo or Dresden from the air, and another to direct artillery fire at civilian neighborhoods, as did the Russians in Grozny. For Americans, the horror of such encounters is overwhelming"
Well, I don't think they held back in Hue in 1968, nor in St. Lo, Nijmegen or Aachen in 1944. And why would FACs have it any easier than artillery observers? Surely pursuing the enemy implies assaulting the place rather than letting off bangs from a safe(r) distance, whether the bangs are the air or arty kind. Further, the Russians haven't reduced the Chechens - they are losing something like 50 lives a week still. Grozny was a disaster the first time round and at best a partial success last time.

Except for Ivo Andric, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961, no Serbian has won the attention of world culture in half a century.
Eh? Who gives a shit?

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