Russian Troop Movements Reported Near Ukraine

When Will Russia Invade Ukraine

  • Wed 16th Feb

    Votes: 20 6.9%
  • Before 22nd Feb

    Votes: 54 18.7%
  • By St David's Day (1 March)

    Votes: 93 32.2%
  • By St Georges Day (23 April)

    Votes: 22 7.6%
  • By August

    Votes: 9 3.1%
  • By Christmas

    Votes: 6 2.1%
  • Some time in 2023

    Votes: 17 5.9%
  • Before Hell Freezes Over

    Votes: 68 23.5%

  • Total voters


This is an interesting conundrum. People need to realise that every tank has 3 soldiers in it, an IFV or APC may be more etc etc.

Focussing on the equipment you are destroying rather than the individuals that are being killed is a common defence mechanism that’s been around for years for fighter/bomber pilots and those who kill at distance. The land domain demands a large degree of close quarter fighting and dying in filth and dirt and personally I’m surprised there is a mod view that it shouldn’t be shown. It’s not for titillation, it should be a warning - I don’t like it but I can choose to watch or not, and personally I don’t need to be told what I can look at.

Just my opinion clearly, but sanitisation is a way of making the filth of war acceptable.

I think the problem is something you added in your post, but that doesn’t apply to you or most posters here imho.

Yes, it’s nasty, yes most of us know it’s for real, and isn’t fun or sport…….

But the odd poster, and perhaps the type of poster who might often change their avatar name DOES view the vids for titillation.

Edited to add.
I‘ve only just scrolled forwards and seen the posts about dropping things, after I had posted.


That was pretty much my point the purpose of @Sadurian post was your exact reaction, to stop people watching what he does not want to watch and what he does not want you me or others to watch. Another example of treating user/adults like kids.
This isn't a snuff site. I might be a never-served civvy - and I've made no secret of it from Day One - but my career has taken me on a bimble through the Third World where I've had occasion to see a few things I'd rather I hadn't and which I have no wish to see again. With the reports of the rapes (including child rape), torture, murder, looting and the rest of it I do not have a problem with hearing about the latest batch of thuggish Soviet squadskis getting cooked in their BMPs or roasted in their crap tanks or even mown down en masse by a skillfully sited Ukrainian MG. Outwith zapped vehicles, where one can detach ones mind from the effects on the contents, I don't need to see it. I can imagine that those on here who have seen the effects in real time through weapon sights would desire it even less so. Have some sensitivity, eh...?

Edited to add: subsequent Mod posts now seen.


Two comments:

1. I used steel falling targets 30 years ago that were designed to simulate engaging a baddy wearing armour. The baddy target would not fall when hit in the chest area, the shooter would have to drop a second shot onto the baddy's head to drop the target. The targets are a very simple design (fig. 11 based), we banged them up out of some surplus Chobham. Just have a large hole cut in the steel in the position the body armour would be so that when a round hits that area it just passes through without dropping the target.

2. The teaching given to elements of the US military concerns itself with shots to a head sized target located in a head like position. This is because they expect all baddy's to be wearing body armour.

Unless there is a clear head shot then (for want of a better description) the Mogadishu drill should be the standard engagement when dealing with potential body armour wearing opposing troops, para-militaries, or police in a fast moving environment. Shots 1 & 2 will either kill them or knock them over, shot 3 will definitely kill them, or act as a dead-check shot.
Is that the same as the Mozambique drill, but you shout "oo rah" as you do it?
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Cuba is nice this time of the year so they say.

"Where the sun is warm and so is the......comradeship"

Is that the same as the Mozambique drill, but you shout "oo rah" as you do it?

My bad, getting my "Mo's" mixed up. Its been a long day that started at 5am with a self-beasting session on my bicycle.


Ooorah = Marine Corps
Hooah = Army / Air Force
HooYah = Navy
Looks like the DNR troops aren't happy possibly going to see units break down and head home? There's also some stuff posted showing Ru T72s around Kherson so something going on there


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Ref the new CGS speech at RUSI - he said something about WFM no longer being the correct model, or somesuch.
Could anyone expand on that a bit ?
@Bubbles_Barker ? @Truxx ?
Not delivering the right levels of availability and engendering the wrong equipment support ethos in units and formations.

Something we’ve known for a long time.


I wonder if those polled included the dispersed refugees from this war? In any event holding an opinion searching exercise in a nation that has been invaded, still occupied with vicious fighting going on seems a bit odd ...

Why so? Given the amount of dis & misinformation being pushed out by Russia!

I have no idea what your 1st point is intending to say? Some sort of belief 1 million or so the people that have been forcibly renditioned to parts of Russia would have voted differently? Or that the refugees that left because the family, friends, houses and town they lived in have been blown up and they had to shelter in other countries would say differently as well?

I'm still confused by what you're trying to say!

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