Russian Troop Movements Reported Near Ukraine

When Will Russia Invade Ukraine

  • Wed 16th Feb

    Votes: 20 7.0%
  • Before 22nd Feb

    Votes: 54 19.0%
  • By St David's Day (1 March)

    Votes: 90 31.7%
  • By St Georges Day (23 April)

    Votes: 21 7.4%
  • By August

    Votes: 9 3.2%
  • By Christmas

    Votes: 6 2.1%
  • Some time in 2023

    Votes: 16 5.6%
  • Before Hell Freezes Over

    Votes: 68 23.9%

  • Total voters
Exactly. How charitable to side with the land-grabbing murdering, raping, torturing, looting aggressor rather than the put-upon and downtrodden defending their homes and sovereignty.

Edited to add: thank God that I'm an atheist!

Always found the kind of deity naggers who wear nightshirts and silly hats to be borderline communist.
:rofl:Clearly, someone in the assembly plant had a bad day when they assembled that particular rocket.
Doubtless vodka was involved.
Or not a large enough bribe.
It is russian after all.
View attachment 672403Article in today's Times.
Interesting views on ammo supply of all natures for all combatants, Russia apparently firing over 7000 rounds a day but sustaining this consumption.
UK did table top ex last year and consumed everything in 10 days. Much rethinking at the War House I suspect. Basically all Putin has to do is hurl cannon fodder at NATO guns for a couple of weeks until they go silent and then roll in. Really makes you think about how long NATO could hold the Baltics over a campaign as long as Ukraine, especially if Belarus joined in.

That deserves an 'informative'

You would have thought, given the UK's (and western world in general) early suppport for UKR that ammo production might have been ramped up by now? Especially as the UK is now running an intensive training program for 10,000 UKR troops every 120 days.

As the CV vaccine program roll-out demonstrated - it just takes finance and committment from the very top.



Why do the Russians need imported parts for Russian made aircraft? Presumably they were all Soviet made during the days of the Cold War, with few if any components imported from the West. Perhaps things would be better if they were still able to source components made in Ukraine, but Putin wanted his fight. Same story with shipbuilding and engines for warships.

Or perhaps Russia simply has a problem with toxic management and cutting corners?

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