Russian Troop Movements Reported Near Ukraine

When Will Russia Invade Ukraine

  • Wed 16th Feb

    Votes: 20 7.0%
  • Before 22nd Feb

    Votes: 54 19.0%
  • By St David's Day (1 March)

    Votes: 90 31.7%
  • By St Georges Day (23 April)

    Votes: 21 7.4%
  • By August

    Votes: 9 3.2%
  • By Christmas

    Votes: 6 2.1%
  • Some time in 2023

    Votes: 16 5.6%
  • Before Hell Freezes Over

    Votes: 68 23.9%

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The Bishop, is the Church of England’s lead Bishop on foreign affairs. I don't know where to start with commenting on this.
Stand by me.

I've leaned all my life very firmly on the conviction that there is only one way to address matters of faith.

It's not quite Uhtred of Bebbanburg, but close enough. It goes like this:​
A Pox on all organised religion.
This latest sanctimonious weak-kneed cvnt is simply one more smidgin of evidence to add to a gargantuan pile that confirms I'm right.



This is going to be the issue - many of the problems those expressing scepticism about MFTS predicted seem to have come to fruition, and there are some who’d say that we don’t have enough capacity for our own requirements, at least if some of the grumbles I’ve heard are accurate.

Whether we’d consider providing some of the Tranche 1 Typhoons (which have a decent AG capability) and a training package which’d convert experienced MiG-29 & Su-27 pilots to the type on a short course to allow them to fight the aircraft to a standard which’d overmatch the opposition is an interesting question, but as well as upsetting Mr Putin, it might also expose some of the issues which the government isn’t that keen on the press going ‘hang on…’ about when it comes to issues with training, holds before commencing OCU, etc, etc.
Can't be many Tranche 1 left the rate they were stripping and scrapping not so long back
The latter would be preferable. The russian federation breaks up into various small states and 'stans. With lots of dead orcs thrown in for good measure. What's not to like?
I'm of a like mind - see my post passim, since which I've let my brain get in on the act.

If ruSS collapses as you sketch out, then that's another sh!tload of failed states in the making (potential for/ probability of/ severity of the risk of hosting anti-Western terror movements? Who Can Say?)

On the upside, there'd be no Kremlin funding or KGB/GRU 'consultancy'.

Despite these rational musings, I cling to a view that could be summed up as:

Fvck, YEAH!! Let the Four Horsemen do Their Thing in used-to-be-ruSSia . . . .
. . . . the place deserves it.
In summary, this means German gas reserves in stock are already flat or falling and likely wont be able to restock fully before winter. This is now becoming a race between how quick the military offensive can defeat Russia in Ukraine and how long Western Europe can hold on before it runs out of gas as winter approaches.
In which case, the Bundesrepublik should wake-the-fvck-up, smell the Kaffee and work as though the Devil himself was on their doorstep to help UKR to defeat ruSS.
ISW report attributes Russian progress in Eastern areas to massive use of SAM systems which have prevented Ukrainian air and drone cover. In effect, the Russians have finally (four months late) achieved air superiority over an area they are fighting in.
It also notes that the Russians are firing anti ship missiles in land bombardment, which suggests shortages of weapons.

One would imagine that if they are looking to hold Crimea and the East of the country then they will need a fairl significant AD presence.


Quote from Einstein "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing".
Stolen from 'Typhoon' by Wing Commander Mike Sutton.

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