Russian Troop Movements Reported Near Ukraine

When Will Russia Invade Ukraine

  • Wed 16th Feb

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  • Before 22nd Feb

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  • By St David's Day (1 March)

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  • By August

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  • By Christmas

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  • Some time in 2023

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  • Before Hell Freezes Over

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A war crime playing out in slow time.

A great deal of diplomatic activity will be taking place right now, involving the Wagner Group and other Russian mercenaries, and LPR/DPR 'conscripts' taken prisoner; of which there are many. I strongly doubt that Mrs Hall and Pinner's relatives should be concerned that the ultimate penalty will be exacted; LPR and DPR politicians should understand the possible political, personal and economic repercussions.
Hardly surprising when you think back. Back in Volume 1 of this mighty thread there were the militia blokes who had been taken captive. They were all employees of a local education authority who had been told to go collect a uniform and a rifle - zero experience, zero enthusiasm.
= zero life.
Next please.
My mother, now 93, still recalls the awful suspense of the seconds between the V1 motor cutting out and the explosion of its impact.
I think suicide drones, like the Kamikazi pilots, fly straight into the target.
My mum also… the V1 was a proper terror weapon, unlike the supersonic V2 which you never heard.
Thread/ Presumably a Bayraktar is cheaper than a cruise missile? The terror value of seeing one sniffing around must be fairly significant Vs. the greater payload.
I’ll admit I thought it was a Baraktyar however the info @carlos_c showed was quite compelling.

There’s been several attacks in Russia that have massively annoyed the Russians. They seem to think it’s acceptable to attack targets inside another country, but get mightily annoyed when they do yeh same to them.

The problem is that you’re average Russian is thick as pig sh*t. They’ve been told that yeh special military operation was because Ukraine was going to attack Russia with NATO. So any attack in Russia plays into that story.

Remember though, there’s a huge number of Ukrainians who live in Russia. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those have decided to do their bit for mother Ukraine.
I think any direct attack on ruSSian soil by something like the MLRS/HIMARS or NATO 155s would be the excuse he needs to declare it a war and try to mobilise as it would get the patriotic anti America sentiment stirred up.

Doing attacks deep into ruSSia with hobby drones strikes me as genius, my last post made it look tongue in cheek but if true, imagine having to explain that a good part of ruSSia is unsafe from attack due to the use of hobby drones bought off aliexpress. I think he would rather take the hit than admit that it was possible for those things to fly over their territory unmolested.

I looked on Aliexpress yesterday and that size drone was not available, the smaller ones were but that one wasn't. I wondered if ruSSia had had a word with Xi or hopefully the Ukrainians had bought up any available.

The possibility of a massive fifth column must be weighing on their minds too, it is all good.
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Good on the Finns; they're not wilting violets by any stretch. But I hope they have the capability to destroy nuclear-armed missiles between now and full NATO membership.

The UK couldn't repel all those nuke missiles either. We just don't have the equipment (and the Finns have decent nuke shelters to!). Certain 'tube' channels that have demonstrated scenarios(they did miss out QRA Typhoon capability though) where London gets zapped, using 'simulation' software, have shown that. However, how accurate that software is, I don't know. Pretty clear though, if a shed load were fired at the UK, its kiss your arrse good night.
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ISW report attributes Russian progress in Eastern areas to massive use of SAM systems which have prevented Ukrainian air and drone cover. In effect, the Russians have finally (four months late) achieved air superiority over an area they are fighting in.
It also notes that the Russians are firing anti ship missiles in land bombardment, which suggests shortages of weapons.


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True. Can't be many countries in the world where the PM can change without an election in between.

Just checked up, and that can happen in Germany, however -- if Scholz were to resign [which would make Ukr very happy], the Bundestag has to elect a new Bundeskanzler. Vizekanzler (Deutschland) – Wikipedia.

It's a fairly standard arrangement in western democracies and a source of political stability and constitutional strength that the loss of an individual for any reason does not necessarily bring down an elected government. In the US for example, Kennedy to Johnson and Nixon to Ford.

By way of contrast, much as we would like to see Putin get his P45, no-one has the foggiest idea what would replace him and pretty much every option between peaceful transition and civil war is on the table.


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Who said it was the fuel storage bunds they targeted, these could be isolated easy enough, I'd bet that whoever hit that if not a red flag job, went for something like a control room, easy to take a plant down without taking it out.

All the control rooms I've visited are blast-proofed against refinery/energy production facility-sized bangs. A drone wouldn't move the needle.
I wonder how the public will react to the reveal of the 'Spanish Practices' that the RMT has enjoyed for so long. Some like the unions wanting to keep a series of bizarre regulations in place including sending nine workers to 'change a plug socket' and getting 12 minutes' pay for a 60-second walk. The antiquated rules - dubbed Spanish practices - also include permission to start their lunchbreak again if a boss starts talking to them. There is also a walking allowance that means workers can be paid for 12 minutes' work for a stroll that takes only 50 seconds.

Recent dispute was over managers using FaceTime during Covid to talk to staff because that was a technology that hadn't been consulted on.' A regulation that prevents a forward-facing camera in a car or van from being turned on. The need to roster people in whole teams 'regardless of the size of the task' is perhaps the most unusual. A source told The Telegraph: 'We can't roster individuals. Let's imagine you want to change a single socket to a double in your kitchen. Potentially you'd need an electrician, a tiler and a plumber as your dishwasher waste pipe will need adjusting too. 'Alternatively, you could find a competent odd-jobber to do the whole task. In Network Rail we can't roster individuals, only teams and we can't multi-skill those teams so we'd need to send a team of three electricians, three tilers and three plumbers – nine people to do a job one person could do.

'Eighty per cent of the most common infrastructure faults could be fixed by small, multi-skilled teams.'
They also want to stop the introduction of new safety planning tools. RMT bosses are so militant they say they do not want workers to use video-calls, demand managers communicate with staff by regular phone only. Workers should not have to share the same van - meaning two vehicles frequently have to be sent to the same site.

I seem to remember a very militant Union walk out by BA Cabin staff. They quite rapidly lost support when some of these extremely ridiculous 'perks' were revealed. They had had it good for years but were greedy and took it too far.

Yes the country is in a dire situation, but too few people are prepared to remember the massive costs associated with the lock down and financial support that was provided.

Belt tightening by everyone is going to be a n unpalatable fact of life, the RMT had better brace themselves for automation and a cold dose of reality.

Meanwhile another very interesting video on the speculation that Putin might be removed from power. This one thinks it unlikely...however it does speculate on a very possible collapse from within. It is long so not really for skimming through but having some time to really listen to what the gent has to say.

The Telegraph lifted that story wholly from the Daily Mail, which is in fact the ‘source’ quoted.
ISW report attributes Russian progress in Eastern areas to massive use of SAM systems which have prevented Ukrainian air and drone cover. In effect, the Russians have finally (four months late) achieved air superiority over an area they are fighting in.
It also notes that the Russians are firing anti ship missiles in land bombardment, which suggests shortages of weapons.

Time for the Ukes to go old skool and get out on the ground digging those subsurface OP networks in the dead of night to direct fire in then if they can't rely on drone spotting anymore in the east.

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