Russian tank tech.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by PE4rocks, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Saw this and while the stirring sound track, PR footage and doubtless patriotic commentary add little, the meat of the vid does show far more more about the defence systems than I previously knew.

    I found it very illuminating. It also, IMHO, raises the possibility of other than the stated reasons for our mothballing of CR2. ie their viability, unless significant upgrades are installed.

  2. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Very interesting.

    I liked the simple maskirovka at 12:50 … I presume that would be reasonably effective?
  3. Indeed, but as with so many things context, can be everything. Blue on blue CR2s in Iraq fr'instance.
  4. Interesting piece of sales pitch propaganda, they continue to design and build low profile MBT's suitable for dwarf turret crews, then pile 2 storeys of MG mounts and three tons of other external fittings on top of and around the turret.All of which will survive a hit and continue to allow the conscript, highly trained, half starved with no money crew to fight the tank.

    The crew of course are convinced that they are invincible, the ultra sonic ray gun,additional armour and the top speed of 60-70 kph ensures that they will all return safeley to the Rodina! Oh and the original sales pitch movies for Chieftan were just as enlightening.
  5. Tend to agree with above, one wonders how much of that kit would really work on the day and how much would survive even the lightest artillery barrage.

    As to what appears to be to red / orange seachlights framing the mantlet, interesting concept, but act of war?
  6. They're IR jammers, part of the Shtora system. Pretty good from what I've read. (read/heard, not seen, I hasten to add!)
  7. It sounds like an MoD recruitment/sales video! Some good ideas there, I bet the Israelis already have all of that though
  8. I may be mistaken, but wasn't the first part of the clip (in a sandy place in 1993) the show where the BMP 3 was first shown? Caused quite a stir at the time.
  9. And how long would they last in an artillery barrage. They do not appear to have armoured covers. As to driving around with so much explosive strapped everywhere not sure I would like that much either, poor bloody infantry (on their own side) would do well to give it a wide berth things going off in all directions without warning.

    I prefer a more passive countermeasure package, but just does not look half as sexy on a sales film.
  10. The Russians know their market, we are thinking "Tank Battles" while the Russians were thinking "Tanks for putting down uprisings by people with only light weapons".

    See also - Syria.

    Reactive armour, IR dazzlers, it's all going to work against people with only a smattering of man portable AT weapons and night vision kit.

    The Ruskies sell a lot of heavy weapons to people that use them against people with none.
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  11. Didnt the russian call the tanks that went to their African colleages "Monkey models" as they were as basic as possible?
  12. We had it the other way round, British export models always seemed to be better equipped than the home monkey versions.
  13. The graphics indicate that the ERA is self-containing - most ERA these days seems to be designed to minimise collateral damage and the hull of the tank will be plenty strong enough to withstand it. In any case it is scarcely going to be worse than the incoming warhead detonating.
    The drozd active defence system is a bit scarier, though it doesn't seem to extend the danger area that much. After all, if the tank fired its main gun the danger area for that is going to be mighty similar to the drozd danger area.

    The shtora system is shown in action on the film - the green bit before it is shown driving around with the reddy-orange lights on. Not protected perhaps, but neither are the normal lights or most of the periscopes or the AAMG. Not protected does not guarantee loss under artillery attack.
  14. Apparently their MBTs can accept NATO ammunition - isnt that nice