Russian tank recovered from Gulf of Finland

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by dundrillin, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Quite a find from the group below. According to one the guys involved, the crew were still in the vehicle. Check out the rest of 'Battlefield Relics' forum that this post is in, as there's enough there to give any EOD team the shivers.

    Command tank T-26 since the end of Russian-Finnish War, was found at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. Historical building located at a depth of 15 meters at a distance of over a kilometer from shore. At the bottom of the bay is a group of tanks - this modification, consisting of 5.6 units. As suggested, the tank with a crew consisting of 3 persons, sank in the Gulf of Finland in March 1940. In recent days, Russian-Finnish war.
  2. Reminds me of when "Kipper" B sqn MT troop,left his 4 ton Bedford RL with a smashed suspension, in Kufra in 69. The "Pink Pillock" went potty, just needs somone to go there now and recover it, if theres anything left
  3. The true stuff of history!!
  4. Sunderland flying boat T9044 has been left untouched at the bottom of Milford Haven since 1943 and now the Sunderland trust has been formed to recover it, so you dont have to go far to find WW2 stuff left about

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  6. Talking Sunderlands, this is a screenshot, from the sidescan sonar on my boat, of the wreck of a motor cruiser 'Merlin' which mounted a Bren as part of the AA defence for the Sunderland factory in White Cross Bay on Windermere. It lies in just under 100' of water. (I've removed the Lat/Long coordinates so as not to publicise the location)

  7. Several WW2 era tanks have been recovered complete over the last few years in that part of the world. As far as I am aware:

    - T-26 and KV1 dredged from the River Neva about two years ago
    - T-34 in German markings recovered in perfect condition from a bog in Estonia in 2008
    - An equally intact Sturmgeschutz III recovered 2005 in the Ukraine, but now beginning to deteriorate
    - A Sturmgeschutz IV recovered in Poland 2008/9 in such good condition it is now a runner - a unique vehicle
    - Several German assault guns from a sunken ship, the Santa Fe, in the Black Sea

    Stories persist of others, so more remain to be recovered. Many tanks were simply tipped into bogs and rivers to avoid their falling into enemy hands.

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  8. Some Photos from The recovery of The T34, and a clip from You Tube




    Edited to add the link about the T34
  9. That Sunderland lies about 100 yards from where I'm sitting! :D

    One of my former instructors is the head honcho of the Sunderland Trust.
  10. Just toadd - there were two Germans and a Romanian arrested last year by Romanian police for stealing two Pzkpfw IV H! The Panzers in question had been dug in as border defences... :)
  11. The Article suggest the Crews remains were still inside>

    How is this not Grave robbing?
  12. I take it the T 26 went through the ice?
  13. Same as WWI finds they will be identified,if possiable,and then reburied with Military Honours.
  14. In and around Germany quite a few bodies are recovered during searches for militaria around old battlefields. Where possible the remains are identified and any living relatives notified, the remains are then formally buried. All perfectly legal.
  15. I gather that's what's being done now with a couple of hundred diggers recently found in a WW1 mass grave. I think some remains are still being ID'd through DNA in a few cases, but I could be wrong.