Russian Tank Games


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Was that cameraman on his third bottle of vodka or something?

Three tanks: one able to carry on, one flooded out, one overturned. All without incoming fire. I'm sure that the Ukrainians are crapping themselves from the level of ability shown in that clip.


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"Tank crews from Russia, China, Angola, Armenia, Venezuela, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Serbia and Tajikistan are taking part..."

All the usual suspects, then, although I'm mildly surprised to see Kuwait there. All driving Russian tanks or the Chinese copies.

Nice to see such global fraternity in an 'International' Games. The USA's baseball 'World' Series must be amazed at the number of countries taking part.
This might be more suitable for pissed up Rooooshans

Much less likely to end in tears.

This goes one further than calling a green armoured vehicle a 'tank'. I bet the Israelis are chuffed to bits that the Torygraph is insinuating that they are ex-USSR and that their Merkava is actually now a T-72.
There you go, proof that, to a journo mong, a tank is a tank is a tank.

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