Russian subs stalk Trident in echo of Cold War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Aug 28, 2010.

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  1. The only thing surprising is that people seem surprised.
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    The Russians must be pissing them selves now that we have no Nimrods to shoo them away
  3. And in other news, British and American subs are chasing the Russians
  4. It is actually slightly news that the Russians still have enough functioning boats for the task. They had their economy tank a few years before we did and a lot of their 'capability' rapidly tied itself up in Nezametnaya Cove. We saw, with Upholder / Chicoutimi how difficult it is to bring subs out of even competent storage.
  5. Please do not start that one again.
  6. Sorry, should have known it had been covered before. I hadn't even searched, either! Tsk!:oops:
  7. Not exactly news - they want to know where we are, we want to know where they are. Timing seems to be the name of the game here - ASW is an asset which is hard to explain to many laymen (" what do you mean you're tracking Subs, them pesky Russians are rusting in harbour aren't they?") and with the SDSR decisions due this month, this sounds like an attempt to protect the ASW elements of the RN - both SSN and Frigates.

    I noticed the line about playing the recording to the DT - this shows that either someone has just got away with the mother of all security breaches, or this was sanctioned at a very high level indeed to approach the media.
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. I don't agree. To let someone with no expertise whatsoever hear what is said to be a submarine, with nothing other than a vague indication of where and when the recording was made, hardly constitutes a breach of security.
  10. Well I would be suprised if us oe the septics did not do the same sort of thing if the Russians lauched a new boat.

  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Jim is a civvy who thinks because he sharpens pencils at the MOD he is in on military thinking and as clever as a general, or admiral, RNR mirror sailing weekends aside.

    Jim your input would be ok if you didn't think you were churchill. You have an opinion, you work at the MOD, thats about it. Stop dribbling about your inside track on whats happening.
  12. Ord, you really are a strange sad and twisted little man. I'm very flattered by the attention that you pay me though, it does make me feel very special, even if you clearly have no clue about what you prattle on about. Now go back to dribbling in your incontince pants and drooling while nursey spoon feeds you, and leave threads like this to the non senile grown ups...

    By the way, I don't think I'm Churchill, and if I post on something I don't know much about, or haven't experienced then I'll caveat my posts accordingly. I've never claimed to be 'on the inside', I've just done enough posts around the place, both in the UK and on operational tours, to have a good idea of how some parts of the system (particularly the Central Staffs) work, and why certain things like leaks happen the way that they do.

    If you read around a little, you'll see enough hints to identify my background, and perhaps see why I often post on certain themes with the benefit of some limited 'inside knowledge' - usually because we're talking about things I work / worked on recently enough to know the major issues involved and why a report may or may not be utter BS. Thats no different to anyone else still serving on here, and is one of the reasons why this website works so well - there is a sufficient quantity of people who deal with the issues daily to make the discussion meaningful and based on experience.
  13. Joe- good points - my understanding is that actual recordings are considered highly classified, and its unlikely that they'd be played to random civvies without good (and high level) tacit approval (think Alan West and the 'briefcase by the canal' as an example here).

    It is possible that they played a recording of a bath toy or something similar and said its a Russian Sub, and given the amateur nature of the DTs defence coverage, could have got away with it. The problem with the media though is that if they find out they've been made idiots of, they'll do what they can to get their own back. Thats a pretty high stakes game to play for the RN.

    Ultimately though, the whole thing is like the 'disanding Gurkhas' or 'scrapping red arrows' articles that keep cropping up with tedious regularity. Its about trying to persuade people outside the military of your value, so that the cuts fall somewhere else.
  14. It is actually the noise signatures of our boats, as opposed to the Russian ones, that are the most sensitive. The frequency details of the artifacts on the recordings and the raw recordings themselves.

    It is, of course, entirely possible that they did play a recording of an actual sub. If it was a Russian one, I'm sure our 'Good Friends" have their own equivalent of BUTEC and know exactly what their subs sound like. I'd also note that, unless tech has changed significantly, the fidelity of anything played back at human audible on office equipment isn't going to be much use to anyone - even the experienced sonar analysis specialists populating the UK media. A possibly slightly dodgy analogy - if it happened, it is closer to waving a classified file in front of a journo, so he can see the title and the PM, rather than letting him read the contents in detail and make notes.