Russian Sub Rescue Underway

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by abacus, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Americans in space and Russians under the sea:

    A couple of timely reminders that there are people out there pushing the limits and I, for one, salute them all.

    This one caught my attention because of the potential for two former enemies to come together and do something good without politics. I hope they do.
  2. Unfortunate that it's Ivan's rescue sub that needs rescuing. Hope for a better result than the Kursk - must track down the 'Yellow Submarine' parody for any resulting bad taste thread.
  3. Time for the Tracy's and International Rescue? 8O
  4. At least the Russians are asking for help, not like the last time.
  5. I seem to remember that part of the "Yellow Submarine" parody thing was:

    Radiation makes us hot,
    Hypothermia makes us not,
    Turning blue and glowing green,
    In our Russian Submarine.
  6. RN ROV (unmanned remote operated vehicle) reported to be on the way to the Far East by air.

    Good luck to all involved.
  7. The USN team wont touch down until 10:30pm local time Sat. The UK C-17 will touch down at 7pm. So maybe the RN will have a shot at saving those sailors from a sad fate.
  8. According to the BBCi text service, the RAF C-17 has landed now. Will take a few hours to get the DSV ready and on its way. Best of luck lads
  9. Just give lassie a shout, shell be able to do it
  10. Good luck to the lads of RN and the Russians.

    One sub would be seen as bad luck, two......
  11. Look's like help is now on the scene and the first RN/USN dives are about to begin. Time will tell if the Russian's were being honest about how much air the crew had.
  12. Sub has surfaced. Crew safe.
  13. Good drills. Glad to hear the news.
  14. Wonderful news! Well done to everyone involved in the rescue effort.

    BBC News report.