Russian spy in Sweden

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Feb 17, 2006.

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  2. Didn't have any 'Rocks' with him did he? :lol:

  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I suspect that mr.Zamyatin 30 was datained because of British rocks. After 2 weeks he would be silently freed but opinion has been formed - these evil Russians send spies even to neutral Sweden. Have Swedes at least something to hide?
  4. Sergei,

    Those 'evil Russians' have been sending spies to Sweden for years. Remember the mini submarines back in the 70s?
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Funny that this post is here, because I was thinking only this week what a hotspot the baltic states must have been in the cold war. I guess that's why the Marines were off piste in Norway....
  6. Wasn't a "plane spotter" was he?[marq=up]
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Aye, and the famous Whisky on the Rocks. (W-137)

  8. Let's apply a common sense.

    Sweden is a neutral country but in time of 'Cold war' its territory would be used by NATO (why not?) in any possible conflict. So information about Sweden coastal line, military bases and so on was not of the highest importance but at least useful. Incidents with submarines routinely explained as a 'mistake'. but I believe they were mistakes in intelligence operations.

    Now situation hav been changed dramatically. Even in theory Russia is unable to launch war against NATO. By contrast NATO has sufficient resorces, weapons, man-power for invasion in Russia. Remove Russian nuclear weapons and I asure you that plans for such an invasion would be regarded in Washington very seriously.

    In this context spy activity in Sweden is as logical as Russian intelligence operations in Burundi. It is possible that technological espionage took place but unlikely it is connected with military industry. Sweden hasn't unique military technologies or weapon systems.

  9. I just thought I would post these two Items that I have read about recently, they may be related or they may not.

    Why is the U.S. Navy Leasing a Swedish Submarine,2360,656,164,2873

  10. Thank you!

    Reasonable thoughts and very interesting information. By the way

    Sometimes it is more cheaper to buy (or lend) existing system or component.

  11. At the time of the Cold War, Sweden could call on over 1 million trained (and equipped) personnel to stop the Red Army. NATO would not have gone into Sweden, more they relied on them (the Swedish) to buy some time, thus allowing Norge to be reinforced. This was good news to those of us who trained in Norge every winter, and gives a good indication of why the Sovs were serious in their spying and surveillance. I suspect the "Whiskey on the Rocks" saga had more to do with Vodka than anything else.
    Now that the Cold War is over (apart from the sneaky Gas plot), the Swedes are undergoing swingeing defence cuts. I was serving with a Swede half colonel last year who was in tears when he realised his regiment (one of the oldest) was to be completely disbanded.
    With these cuts in mind, one should wonder why Russian spying is still going on. Old habits die hard, I guess.
  12. I live in Sweden when not playing ex-pat in the Middle East, the town where I live, a former major Swedish garrison town has been hit hard (forgive the pun) by the defence cuts. The Swedish forces are still deploying on UN missions as well as in Afgan' where I have some good mates serving.
    The Swedish still have the "Hemvarnet" (Home Guard) to protect vital installations and for small offensive operations and while they could only do so much damage they have would slowed down any Russian advance. The forests and mountain are or were dotted with hidden arms caches, away from the main areas to be used in the event of war. (I find people that come from a hunting background very effective in this type of operation, pity our dear leaders see the shooter in the UK as a danger rather than an asset...sorry for the digression!)

    I suspect as above, the Russians are still up to their old tricks, gaining intelligence whether of a military or industrial nature. The other problem for Sweden is the increase in crime from criminal organisations originating in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Turks to mention a few.
  13. Katk9,
    My Swedish friend described the tactics to be employed by these small (Militia) groups as something the Finns had developed when fighting the Sovs - I can't remember the name though.
    He also was raging about the Govt, who decided not only to cut his unit, but also to send the others to the far north, describing the move as lunacy (for logistical reasons) but also put it into perspective by comparing, that if they had been sent south the same distance, they'd be stationed not far north of Rome!
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Kinell, you've started early !

    Rasputin vodka by any chance ?

    It'd be a start.
  15. Rasputin? Made in Gemany. It is a hard task to find this sheep-dip in Moscow.

    As to possible invasion in Russia (after imaginary destruction of nucler weapons) then British, French, American, Japanese troops were sent in Russia during the civil war (more than 80 years ago). And only naive bumpkin would believe that invasion in Russia is absolutely impossible in future.