Russian spies back to old cold-war tricks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, May 15, 2005.

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  2. Dear Stoatman!

    As case with mr.Galloway shows, Telegraph is not always says truth. But this particular article is not something new. There is a lot of American and British spies in Moscow (in Russia and in other places). In this situation it would be alogical not to have Russian spies in London. But don't think that activity of Russian spies directed against the UK.

    British government harboured many Chechen terrorists. For example mr.Zakayev.

    Imagine now, that Russia would harbour envoy of Ben Laden who would promiss that 911 atrocity is not the last one. No doubt that our American friends would send dozens of spies to monitor activity of this 'envoy'.
  3. If spies weren't spying, it would be a waste of taxpayers money!
  4. Was the BAe guy selling Storm Shadow a Chechen then Sergei? Have Russia ever done anything wrong in the entire history of the world?

    There's probably a fair few Russian spies in Britain, there's probably Brit and Yank spies in Russia, why even bother to pretend otherwise?
  5. We need some bolt-cutters so we can liberate that old BRIXMIS vauxhall cavalier from the Imperial War Museum! Come back, all is forgiven.

  6. So the Russians are back to their old tricks eh? Can you possibly send a honey-trap blonde up to my hotel room tovarich and I promise to give over all of the secrets of the Larkspur A41 radio...
  7. Dear Jimmys_best_mate!

    Absolutely agree, there is no need to pretend.

    Who is this mr.BAe? Russia have done many bad things.
  8. Dear Cuddles!

    Alas, all blondies are too busy just now, so you have to wait. I hope that next Saturday... yes, after rain it would be possible (maybe). So don't leave your room. And all time listen to A41 radio very carefully. You (before pleasant part of the action) will be asked about the secrets.
  9. This begs an interesting question: is there a sliding scale of 'Honeytrap' bait depending on what information they're after? I mean, they're unlikely to throw a supermodel lookalike at you for the instruction manual for an A41, but what about Bowman? Hmmm, worth investigating.
  10. Blimey, we could do with knowing about BOWMAN, let alone the Russians! Perhaps we should send some honeytraps to GD(UK)!!!!
  11. Wouldn't help much I fear.
  12. You're probably right CS.
  13. Your right though Sergi can you please advise, Does the higher amount of information such as top secret get a higher class of woman, or works on a scale downwards, so for a thing such as guard change time, get a minga?
  14. Speaking from experience (ahem), the minimum level of Russian Honeypot is leagues ahead of "UK nightclub best", and well worth being corrupted for....

    ....I keep hoping someone will tell me a secret, so i can go back to Moscow....
  15. I keep getting propositioned in Brighton. Yet I have no secrets. What can they be after...