Russian spies accused of agitating Czechs over US

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Oh, those Russians. Interesting rumours anyway.

    It's interesting was even one spy captured or at least spotted?

    Mmm... I see, those MP who vote against the Radar would be braded as 'Russian spies'.
  2. Couldn't find anything about Jews today then? :roll:

    right at the end........
  4. Indeed, I kept in mind Boney M, in fact quoiting their song.
  5. yeah got that :lol:

    we said something similar when they told us we couldn't have visas in August - well it was the same word count anyway
  6. Only in August... In fact it is impossible to get Britih visa for Russian tourists (ordinary people, not so rich as mr.Abramovitch). Many tours to the UK have been cancelled.

    Meanwhile I fancy Russian spies enter Great Britain without any problems.
  7. in the old days of the cold war in Germany i remember a yank general saying that the only good russian was a dead one. I wounder if the poor old Georgians feel that way can the Russians just not except that they shot there bolt and blew it and that they are not now a world power except for the the nukes that they have.
  8. Unfortunately these were Official Visit/Diplomatic Visas - so obviously at the time these were the first kind of people who got fcuked about

    Ah well, VTT in Omsk looks good :D