Russian Soldiers to wear socks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skunkmiester, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Whilst waiting for my coffee this morning flicking through the Times (bloody socialist rag), I noticed a story about the Russian military stopping the process of foot binding and instead using socks.

    Sock Time: Russia Army to Retire Czarist-Era Wraps -

    I'm amazed that this has been going on so ,long, however has anyone got any experience of this method? Is it blister heaven?
  2. Are their forums full of wrap puppets?
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  3. In Russia, socks wear YOU!^^
  4. I'm pretty sure I've read this before. Possibly several times.
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    One interesting bit is the alleged use of foot wraps in the 18th century British army. I'm surprised nobody on ARRSE has wanted to go back to that and pipeclay and so forth.

    I can inmaginer the threads in ARRSE (1713) banging on about weedy-wets needing foot wraps.

    Meanwhile the Russian army has clearly gone soft.
  6. well- for the proper cold (not like the one in UK), there is hardly anything better (and cheaper) than footwraps.
  7. Went on exercise with the Ukranian Army a few years ago, looked like triangular bandages they were using.
  8. how on erth would you bang your tabs into the Rasman with feet like that?

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  9. If you read the Stalingrad stuff it mentions how crap boots/socks were in keeping out the cold/damp and how feet wraps were better against trench foot, in WW1 on the western front it was done in the German Army and also the French, brits tended to stick to boots and trench foot accounted for a lot of casualties.
  10. No doubt in years to come their old sweats will be banging on about how 7.62 footwraps were better than 5.56 socks!
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  11. I would think though that boot and sock technology has improved a bit since 1942- maybe not in Russia...
  12. Toerags are not a purely Russian invention. In 19th century Europe and in some minds that includes Britain, most of the poeple, i.e. those who weren't lording it up in top hats, would have been familiar with them.

    They are shit though, fold them wrong and blisters are guaranteed. I think the attrition rate though foot injuries has finally swung it, plus the once red army appreciates the tactical benefits brought by the NATO **** sock!
  13. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I tried them on a hike once after watching a documentary on Soviet Army basic training. As the instructor said on the TV, the important thing is make sure there aren't wrinkles, otherwise you WILL get blisters.

    Impressions were that my feet were a lot warmer (I do struggle with cold feet) and comfort was no more or less (although my feet were a lot harder then than they are now). That said, once curiosity had been satisfied I went back to socks.
  14. No doubt the old and bold on A.R.R.S.K.I will be loudly bemoaning the passing of real men's footwear and tatty rattling rifles with wooden furniture...........
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  15. EBay's going to be flooded with adverts for used portyanki (NKVD, SPETSNAZ, OSNAZ).
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