Russian soldier thrashed by own unit

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by codbutt, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Doctors remove spleen of soldier beaten in Krasnodar

    KRASNODAR. March 12 (Interfax-AVN) - A conscript soldier who was
    beaten in Krasnodar has undergone surgery to remove his spleen at a
    local emergency hospital after suffering a splenic rupture.
    "Alexander Ivanov from Volgograd had to undergo emergency surgery.
    The young man was hospitalized last night. He says he was beaten up by
    other soldiers at his military unit a few days before he was admitted
    here," a staff member at the hospital's surgical services department
    told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday.
    Krasnodar garrison military prosecutor's assistant Oleg Solinov
    said that, "the Krasnodar garrison's military investigative division has
    opened a criminal inquiry into this case on charges of "exceeding the
    authority," and the so called suspect is a sergeant, who is suspected of
    beating up his junior," he said.
    Meanwhile, the soldier's mother, Svetlana Ivanova, who came from
    Volgograd to look after her son, told the agency that her 22-year-old
    son had served at the military unit since December 20, 2007. "In this
    short period of time he wrote me three letters, and each of them said
    that beatings and harassments are a normal thing there," Ivanova said.
    The attack which led to her son being hospitalized took place in
    late February, she said. "Allegedly, the sergeant demanded that
    Alexander give him 100 rubles. After refusing to give the money, my son
    was beaten up," Ivanova said. "He suffered pains for nine days
    afterwards. Nobody in the unit did anything about it. It was not until
    he felt really bad that they called an ambulance," the victim's mother

    ....and STILL nothing done about this, after eight years of rule by the "vertical of power." Not impressive.
  2. And we care why?
  3. If only people we are currently at war with would do this
  4. Sadly it is not an isolated case. Two years ago absolutely indentical incident happened. Even a name and surname of the victim were the same - Alexander Ivanov (but from Moscow). His spleen was torn and removed too. He was beaten by a sergeant who got 3 years in the jail.
  5. So the ruskies are a bit "old fashioned". Is that really news?
  6. Nope, but it's still a disgrace.

    I might be speaking out of turn here (not quite in yet...) but from what I'm told Sergeants are classically quite physical and that's all part of the training, but being beaten to within an inch of your life goes from disciplining to just plain malice.

    You'd hope they'd be reforming somewhat with their new re-arming and re-training program.
  7. on youtube theres dozens of videos of sargeants smashing new recruits pretty severely . at least theyd learnt to take a beating!!
  8. And? From 1990 onwards a young JNCO with homoerotic tendencies used to get beaten up and buggered senseless every bloody day and he used to pay for it. Didnt you MDN?
  9. It is in the Russian Army. Nothing to do with us. It may be a bit extreme and it would never do for us but at least they havnt gone all PC.
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    If the post does'nt interest you , don't bother with...simple,its of interest to others