Russian SF Pics

They can't be real pictures of Spetsnaz, not a stripey t-shirt in sight!
Fred_Cat said:
Looks like a bunch of airsoft loons - are you sure its for real???
Apparantly the page 1 pics were one of the teams training, notice the BFAs on the rifles and lack of any body armour/webbing/spare ammunition.

I'm just reading that thread because it's pure comedy - it's an international dick waving competition with the usual "MY SF IS BETTER THAN YOURS!!111" arguments.

The Spetsnaz are army special forces[they wear the striped shirt] and the rest are OZNAZ controlled by the FSB and Interior Ministry.
Spetznaz 'special'? My arrse......

When the pressure's on they are prone to panic like any other second rate military unit.

They still try and crawl across an open school playground in broad daylight with flamethrowers and wonder why it all goes pearshaped.

Does anyone remeber S.W.A.N.T. from Viz??
Nice pyjamas, im sure my three year old has a set very similar.

Special Forces? More like Special Needs.
nato_tato said:
Must sweat alot wearing those balaclavas all the time!
It's the latest thing in sunblock. SPF 400.


I think you'll find GRU Spetznaz troops only became 'badged' post the decline of the soviet era. Prior to that they were concealed within other units. They are not strictly just Army units, there is/was also Naval Brigade which is what we would have initially come across in Britain (I hear rumour the famous 'Prescott Punch' was taught to him by Naval Brigade in Hull ;)) which I suppose would be closest to the SBS?

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