Russian professor predicts the end of the US

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Contrarian, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. The Wall Street Journal has an article on ex-KGB analyst, Igor Panarin, who predicts US a civil war which will lead to the collapse of the dollar and the eventual break up of the USA.

    Is Rome burning or is it Russian wishful thinking?
  2. Nah, humanity'll be dead by then, decimated by avian flu, more killed by climate change and the rest finished off by the millennium bug.
  3. Russian wishful thinking. He is fantasising about Alaska, that is a classic dreamy eyed vision for the odd Russian or three, 'what might have been, if only' etc. Still it'd make for a good techno thriller.
  4. Yeah, but who would play Bush, Brown, Obama, and Putin in the thriller?

    My choices:

    Bush -- Chevy Chase

    Brown -- Gregor Fisher

    Putin -- Christopher Walken or Sean Bean

    Obama -- Craig Charles
  5. Oh! For Christos sake. This will attract the KGB troll and cease all intelligent discussion there might have been.
  6. I think that widespread civil unrest may happen after a couple of years of Obama & Co raping the USA.
  7. I wouldn't dismiss the theory so lightly, the possibility of this has been under discussion within the US itself for thirty years to my knowledge.
  8. No I think I will dismiss it actually.
  9. Perhaps we could get the thirteen colonies back. And even persuade them to pay their back taxes.
  10. Everything is cyclical is it not? The break up of the USSR removes the need for the rest of the "West" to hide behind the skirts of the US. The USSR is not going to return, the Chinese are to diverse to achieve world dominance. There is only Europe and the rest of planet depends on us, as it did a century ago. As I said Cyclical.
  11. Even the USA the current Superpower will fall like every other Superpower before it

    The question who will take over in it place! India, Brazil, just 2 of a few in the running
  12. Dave. Get a grip. Without Europe, India and South America will go straight down the tube. Oh look, isn't Africa doing well.
  13. Brazil?????
  14. If you're really arguing cyclical, why discount the Chinese? They were, after all, the dominant world power for a fair few centuries under the Ming. In a cyclical arrangement, they'd be due a turn as top dog before us Europeans got our shot.

    Of course, history might not be cyclical... :wink:
  15. Absolute nonsense, for all its current problems the US is not going to fall apart in2010; thisman is an idiot