Russian presidential elections

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 7, 2008.

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    75 observers is too few? There were 11 observers durung French presidential elections ans 12 on recent Polish parliamentary elections.


    Federal elections in Switzerland
    15 October: Mission opens
    21 October: Election day

    Parliamentary elections in Belgium
    4 June: Mission opens
    10 June: Election day

    Parliamentary elections in Ireland
    18 May: mission opens
    24 May: election day

    Parliamentary elections in the Netherlands
    13 November: Mission opens
    22 November: Election day
  2. Ok Sergey.

    1. Get a map of the globe.
    2. Look at the size of Russia
    3. Now look at the size of France and Poland
    4. Now consider that neither France or Poland are tin-pot, autocratic sh1tholes, which are an affront to democratic principles, being run by gangsters and Chekists.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Crabtastic, size of population matters. ODIHR sent 1 observer for 3 mln. in the case with Poland and 1 observer for 5 mln. in the case with France.

    By this standards it would be enough to send 29 - 48 observers to Russia.

    It would be funny to hear such considerations from ODIHR. But they are wise enough not to sound it.

    It is democratic principle: to treat all countries equally. This principle is violated and there are double standards. Russia is not a banana state.

    However, you failed to explain, why does BBC openly lie.
  4. What's the point of observing an election when there is only one serious candidate?
  5. Ideally yes, but when resources are limited, attention must be diverted to the most needy cases.

    And if you are really comparing Russia to some of the most transparent and well established democracies on earth, you are out of your tree.

    see here:
  6. Freedom House? These nutters think that level of fredoms in Russia are equal to ones in Pakistan. Absurd.

    Now let's look at the UK, its electoral system

    So it would be logical to expect that experts from ODIHR would monitor British elections but it hasn't happened.

    Maybe you really think that British eelectoral system is the most transparent and well established on the Earth?
  7. Many would suggest that any country that wished to restrict independant monitoring of it's elections has something to hide, and I would agree with them. No system is perfect and all can benefit from constructive suggestion, ours included.

    What have you to hide?
  8. Indeed there is only one serious candidate - mr.Medvedev - Putin's puppet, a fan of 'Deep Purple', boyish educated short bloke but at least not a former drug taker. There are many other potential serious candidates in ruling elite but it prefers (it is logical btw) to propose only one.

    Other candidates are political clowns. I will not vote for them. However, I will not vote for mr.Medvedev for many reasons.

    Does it mean that the elections are senseless? No. During decades Liberal Democratic party in Japan is at power and results of parliamentary elections are in fact predefined. But why? Japan is a successful, developed country. Voters appresiate stability, progress.

    Pres.Putin managed to demostrate his skills as a leader and people appresiate it. Without real improvements in economics propaganda fails.

    For example, in 1993 pres.Yeltsin using tanks dissolved Russin parliament but pro-Yeltin party (Democratic Russia) lost the elections and eventually vanished. There was another attempt to create pro-Yeltsin party (Our House Russia). On elections it had only 10%.

    I assure you that if the Russians vote then it can not be explaned only by 'administrative resources', propaganda or fraud. In Russia unpopular politicians use to be thrown in to political waste bin very quickly. Unfortunately for Washington all his puppets are in the bin.
  9. "Open to fraud" vs. an effective one party state and a government staffed by former (?) members of the most notorious secret service on earth who also happen to control the only viable element of the economy, as well as the broadcast media. Mmmmm...
  10. There is nothing to hide I believe. But why does ODIHR refuse to send its monitors if Russian propositions (about numer of observers and the scope) are even better than ones in many other countries? Has Russia right to say: we wish to be treated as the USA and other European countries? This question remains unaswered.

    Also, while in many countries (as in the UK) procedural violations is a common place then in Russia it is quite rare thing. So in fact ODIHR fears that it would fail to find any irregularities in the procedure.
  11. My dear chap it is all about perception, the moment you quibble the rest of the world asks what are they trying to hide, if you are trying to score points, you have lost far more than you might ever gain, by acting like that nice Mr Mugabe.
  12. Russia is not 'one party state'.

    We in Russia see in at another angle - the most professional, intelligent and efficient secret service. Feel the difference.

    According to predictions soon Russia will outstrip the UK in economics.

    Rulling elites in the UK and USA (and many other contries) control broadcast media as well. Anyway Euronews in Russian is available across Russia. Each day on the way to my office I use to hear BBC-Russian radio in my car. US funded Radio Freedom is easily avilable as well.

    My mother-in-law is 78 and frequently she is unable to sleep at night. So she hear Radio Freedom. Btw, she voted for pro-Putin's United Russia and decided to vote for Putin's puppet Medvedev (it is how American propaganda works).
  13. Peter, all these 'observers' from ODIHR come with pre-forged 'reports' and would they stay 1,2,3 or even 8 weeks the result of their 'investigations' would be the same.

    So from point of Russia it would be silly to pretend that we don't understand it. As a result Russia demands absolutely the same conditions as for other countries.
  14. Russia is not 'one party state'. [/b]your deluded bud, what serious opposition to Putin has not fled the country in fear for their life!

    We in Russia see in at another angle - the most professional, intelligent and efficient secret service. Feel the difference.
    im sure thats how the SS saw themselves too. Come on all secret services are dodgy, but not all are poltical tools

    According to predictions soon Russia will outstrip the UK in economics.
    In growth maybe, in reality that doesnt mean a whole lot. we dont have to line up at the end of the road for bread do we! get real alot of Russia survive like a third world country
  15. The key word there being elites as opposed to elite. Multiple centre mean that if one media branch were inclined to ignore a story, another would cover it.

    The fact that you have to watch/listen to foreign broadcasters isn't a bit worrying for you?

    Also interesting: