Russian population collapse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. looks like nobody wants to shag in russia anymore
  2. They're too drunk!
  3. Distiller's droop?
  4. Alas! It is a bitter truth. The problem exists. All 90's were years when a risis followed another one. Many women were afraid to be pregnant because of unstable economical situation. Why do you think mr.Putin is so popular? There is some sort of stability in 2000's but situation can't be improved in few years.

    Depopulation indeed is a serious problem. But I believe that it will be resolved. There were many mortal threats in long Russian history. The very existence of Russian people was questioned many times. And each time the Russians found an answer.
  5. shame too as many young Russian birds look really fit, i would be prepared to inject my DNA to the Russian gene pool in the service of Mother Russia :)
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Interesting article below that one:
    So, Sergei Nikolayevich, is Khodorkovsky a villainous Mafia oligarch who has ripped off the Russian people or is he all too-visible hapless victim of Neo-Stalinist regime ?

    I'd be interested to hear what is the view of babushicky in the Prospekt ?

    Lee Shaver
  7. Hi Goatman!

    Mr. Illarionov was a 'useful idiot'. His openly pro-Western views and his position as 'economical advisor' were used as a smoke-screen, to demonstrate how liberal is Russian approach in economics. Really opinions of this fool were ignored and I think that last time Putin met with him long, long ago. Namely mr.Illarionov urged Russian government to preserve current gas prices for Ukraine $50 for 1000 cubic meters while typical Eropean price is $250 (in the UK I suppose even higher). Obviously such 'advices' are not in Russian interests. So let's forget about this nought.

    As to mr.Khodorkovsky then his fate would be the same in USA, the UK, Italy... Are bosses of Enron or Parmalat victims of Neo-Stalinist regimes?

    Of course mr.Khodorkovsky was jailed because of political reasons but for his economical crimes. Anybody in the West has right for own opinion but namely Russian court has right for verdicts.

    Russian old women (babushki) have different views. But I suppose that most of them are not Chelsea fans. Some of them even think that their pensions are so modest 'thanks to mr.Abramovitch.

    Who are Russian tycoons? Most of them are crooks and looters.
  8. Interesting little dispute you've got with Ukraine there, Sergey. Of course, if Russia does put up the gas prices for Ukraine, they will put up the rent for the Black Sea fleet base at Sebastapol, or maybe even rent it to the US Navy instead.
  9. Unlikely. Even this openly anti-Russian Ukrainian government doesn't think about this possibility.

  10. Well maybe just let the US have a couple of bases in Ukraine then, within F15 range of Moscow?
  11. In theory it is possible but I doubt about it too. 4 bases in Romania agreed recently. So USA will have enough bases in the region. Imaginary bases in Ukraine could be too expensive: who knows what would be a policy of the next Ukrainian government?

    According to recent amendments to Ukrainian constitution real power will in hands of a prime minister and the elections will take place March 2006.

    Happy New Year Andy!
  12. A negotiating tactic. I expect they'll settle on rent of US$40-50m per annum.

    Happy New year, Sergey.
  13. if it makes you feel any better, i was thinking of retiring to russia whe n i get old and grey. (well, greyer than i currently am now).

    it would work really well everybody - i'll shag the local wildlife and get them all preggers whilst drinking stupid amounts of russian 'water'. come n9 mnths later, russia will raise an army of drunkards in my own image. hurrah.