Russian parliamentary elections 2 December

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Our friend In-Limbo (on another thread) proposed to read this article

    I assure you that the majority of the Russians will vote for Putin's party because they support pres.Putin. It is the truth.

    Personally I will vote for communist as the only political force that is able to monitor current corrupted regime.

    Nonsense. It is impossible to know how anybody has voted. There are some opposition parties and unlikely they would receive many votes, because they are not popular.

    It is unthinkable to suppose that such giants as MTS or Megafon (I'm a subscriber of both) could be forced to pay even a rouble. Vedomosti? Look who are the sponsors of this 'independent' edition.

    They are The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. The technology is well known. Russian so called 'independent newspaper' spreads rumours and then 'serious' Western newspapers reproduce the rumours.
  2. Ha ha ha! Yes, Tov. Rezidient.
  3. I'm not sure who I'll vote for this time, I like Vlad the Impailer but 3 terms is enough for any people... I think i'll sink a bottle of Vodka on December 2 and decide on the night :)
  4. I completely Concur! Putin gets unbelievably high approval ratings, the Russians love him.

    What about calls for a change in the Constitution to allow Putin to serve another term, or do you reckon he will be content as Prime Minister?
  5. Btw, I suspect that many would prefer somebody like mr.Putin as conservative leader instead of Davie-boy.
  6. Too right, Putin would piss all over Cameron and Brown, and then probably have them poisned for good measure!!
  7. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Putin will win since he has given some of the old glory back to the 'down in the dumps in the international arena' Russia.

    Once a power to reckon with and then toothless is a very difficult psychological imbalance to handle. Anyone, who can resurrect the old glory will do well.

    His aggressive stand on various issues that the US tried to pooh pooh as a 'has been' and not worth consideration, has given back some prestige to the Russian people.

    Any Russian would vote for Putim or his protege without question.
  8. I will not vote and many Russians will not vote too. However, I will not vote for those who are being fed up from American embassy in Moscow.
  9. Today is voting day in Russia. How BBC-Russian does inform its readers?



    Btw, today I will vote for communists too and many will because it is the only viable opposition.
  10. No surprise to see that United Russia has 64% of the vote.

    It will be interesting to see how the new 7% threshold effects many of the smaller parties.
  11. Funny that, it is exactly what happened here in 1997.

    Guess Putin better put a lot of Polonium 210 orders in. Busy days ahead for him.
  13. I seem to recall they said similar things about certain events in Florida.
  14. That'll have Vlad quaking - "All against say Noe - the Ayes have it - unanimously!"

    Fecking losers. Its obvious Papa Joe ain't in charge :twisted:
  15. Agrarian party (left, Communist rival in country side) got 2.5%

    Pro-Western parties

    Yabloko (center-left) 1.6%
    SPS (right) 1%
    Civil platform (centre) 1%