Russian Official Fired Over ‘White Race’ Remarks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. There is no threat at all

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  2. There are some minor problems, no more

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  3. There are some serious problems but it is too early to speak about the survival

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  4. Yes, the threat exists

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  5. The white race is in a decline and it is a natural process

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  1. Russian Official Fired Over

    It is a racism in its rude and open form.

    BBC Russian - Видео и фото - Представитель ФМС России: "На кону выживание белой расы"

    However, there is a question: Is there a problem of the survival of the white race?
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Is it racism if, based on the fact that average 'white' families generally fail to produce the same number of children as people who are encouraged to do so in lines with questionable religious tenets? India and China seem to have no problem whacking out millions of millions of sprogs either. Whilst this kind of 'revelation' is uncomfortable and the language/description used is entirely inappropriate, is the subject now so taboo - just like 'freedom' to criticize religion (or not) now totally unmentionable in all forms?
  3. When the races have mixed for another couple of hundred years, everyone's skin will be orange. How odd it is, that Essex should be leading the curve of human evolution.
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  4. I heard the broadcast Sergey and I am surprised the official was fired, the context of the BBC interview was that Russia must import half of the third world to make up the population numbers, rather than bribe it's own women to breed. It was quite an agressive statement even for the BBC, the official answered in a correct context ( in my eyes) with some blunt language - for which our Russian Friends are admired.

    I am rather sad to see that Mother Russia has been fully infected with White Liberal West European/ US political correct mind set, Putin evidently is not the man he thinks he is.
  5. More likely he was fired for permitting a foreign journo to tab in and sneak through the perimeter fence. The site is somewhat "secluded" at 70km from the nearest town.

  6. Poor old Russia, well on it's way to being the first 'white race' to make itself extinct through falling life expectancy driven primarily by alcohol abuse, drug abuse and endemic crime.

    That's the problem with mafia states, they're just not sustainable. But fear not, China will be able to make good use of all that vacant Russian territory.
  7. There's no such thing as a single 'white race' in the first place. White skins and light coloured eyes are a feature of a number of different races.

    They're also a feature of what's always been a tiny minority of the world's population - look to the various corners of the world - Asia (Major and Minor), the Americas, Southern Europe - and you'll see that the most common design is olive skin, brown eyes and black hair.
  8. I'm surprised he got fired for that, Russians tend to be rather frank in their racism. Just look at the latest intake into Israel, they make the bickering locals look like avid multiculturalists.

    Historically most of Europe has not really counted the Russians as racial kin, a primitive Asiatic horde. This is a little unfair to primitive Asiatic hordes.

    As much of Europe's population is effectively offshoring breeding to the 3rd world the only thing that will stave off mass immigration and a variation in melanin levels that some folk are morbidly fearful of is economic collapse.

    The often ginger Irish are leading the way here and are actually exporting a very pasty freckled surplus.. Racists everywhere put down the fiery cross, just deregulate your banks elect a handful of Gombeen neoliberal politicians and a toxic property boom. Before you know it the country will be a ward of the IMF, in serfdom to Europe's banks and no one with even a sun tan will go near it.
  9. Which "White Race" is that?

    Jew? (I won't count the tan ones)
    Do really pale asians count?
    What about people of african descent with Vitiligo?

    As an American I find this thread almost comical but realize that other countries may not have evolved to the same level of ethical understanding.

    The world is much much smaller now. We (being all countries) will need to begin to have more of a global outlook.

    and as an aside, perhaps if all the hot russian women stopped being mail order brides for chubby americans (my kids friend's mother is, wow, milftastic) then you may begin to build up your numbers and host that kristallnacht in Moscow...
  10. What is this even supposed to mean ? Since when does globalisation mean that every third worlder and his dog should pour into every single white country in Europe ?
  11. "As an American I find this thread almost comical but realize that other countries may not have evolved to the same level of ethical understanding."

    Tell that to all your niggaz down in the 'hood......
  12. Are we discussing third world countries or racism? There are plenty of "white" countries I would consider third worldish. It means exactly what I said. The world is a smaller place. It's easier to get around more than ever and that the problems of a few *third world* countries can and do, become the problem for everyone.

    That's what I mean. Immigration isn't just a Russian, British, or even American problem. It's a global problem. Now see what I mean?
  13. I think it means that there's no such thing as a 'white country' anywhere in the world and that defining nations on racial grounds is meaningless.
  14. I don't see Europeans clinging to the underside of Trucks to illegally enter North Africa, The Middle East or South Asia ? I don't see Europeans begging at the doors of Pakistan or Nigeria for Asylum ? Or queing for ours at Pakistani Embassies for visas ?

    Third world immigraiton into Europe is utterly rampant. And I am against turning my country into the effing united nations waiting room.

  15. Interesting point you make and backed by eyewitness accounts.

    Was speaking to my Mum this afternoon in Ireland and asked her how things were.

    She noted that the very multi-ethnic and multi-national nature of her housing estate in a formally prosperous part of Ireland has one more reverted to diddly di and top o' the morning being the default patois of the natives.