Russian Nuclear Poisoning: The Aftermath

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jetwave_Dave, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. Since alexander litvinenko has died, traces of polonium 210 has been found across london including heathrow airport and the arsenal stadium.

    Is there any further updates with this?

    And why did the assasin use polonium 210 in particular? wouldnt it also poison himself?.


    Russian Nuclear Terrorisim?
  2. What sticks to my mind is the fact that you can easily smuggle radio active materials across international borders on a COMMERCIAL aeroplane.

  3. Is that why they have been so crap this season??
  4. Apparently it has to be ingested to poison, so if the killer was wearing gloves to get it in place and then removed the gloves without geting any on himself he wouldn't ingest any particles
  5. I wish someone had "learned" me on the merits of Polonium 210 when I was considering my options during my divorce proceedings.
  6. That absolutely correct, the waves emitted by polonium 210 are alpha rays which have been proven not to be able to penetrate the thickest piece of paper so the skin in sufficient enough to protect you against the radiation. But if it was ingested or gets into an open wound then it can be deadly as we already know. Because the waves emitted are so weak and travel only a short distance it could have been transported in almost any way, and this is what poses the problem.
  7. My opinion is that the means was chosen because it would lead to death over a long period and thus serve the main aim of warning dissidents not to go off at the mouth against (Ras)Putin. "We can reach out and touch you wherever you are". As they did with Trotsky all those miles away.
    So - what other radioactive sources are relatively easy to transport, store and administer? I am also aware that any such movement from (presumably) Russia to London was able to take place at a time when there was still some heightened security at airports.