Russian ninja arrested in Italy!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frog_face, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Italian coppers have arrested a Russian ninja who had been causing fear at farms in Italy.

    I am sick of these Russian Ninjas, how long will it be before they terrorize our farms, riding into the shadowy night on bicycles? If this was in this country the police would have arrested the old man who set off his rifle.

    Apologies if this story has already been posted, couldn't find it.
  2. Perhaps we can exchange the ninja for the guy who poisoned (allegedly) Alexander Litvinenko. Just like old times at check point charlie .... although the ruskies might have to get visas to get into germany to do that!
  3. Btw, the robber said that he is unders stong influence by tales about Robin Hood.
  4. Hmm, haven't heard from Chimpy for a while.....
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Dya reckon he's been hiding out in Italy? I thought Chimpy was 'THEM', not a Soviet Storm Trooper.
  6. He was arrested because the old boy had turtle recall
  7. Quality - must have missed that bit in Shogun :D

  8. He was under the strong influence of something - Vodka :?
  9. Thats inspired!!! Just goes to show how strong there vodka is... it can make you think that you are infact your childhood hero!!
  10. Could be Pte Mike Golden's new career path??
  11. LMAO! Imagine... travel so far away from home to make a complete horse's rear out of oneself. Hmm... maybe this guy was forced into exile for his behavior? :D
  12. Never thought about that :!:

    Sergey - have your lot got back into Italy again :?:

    Better GULAG there than some frozen sh1thole in Siberia :twisted: