Russian news presenter showed middle finger mentioning pres.Obama

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. The method is well known one - The Time Machine.
  2. Well, nip in it, go back in time and prevent yourself from making this thread.
  3. Must be another slow news day in Mother Russia…
  4. Racists. All Russians are racist.
  5. I rather agree with you. Racism has deep roots in Russian society. But the Russians are not a unique nation in this respect.

    I see here another problem. Suppose that highly esteemed me.Bush is a president today. Then there would be no one word about racism. He was called a shaved chimp (indeed he sometimes looked this way). But let's imagine that mr.Obama is called ...

    I believe that racism being a serious problem is too often being used as a universal explanation, a universal excuse.
  6. Are you saying that the fine Mr. Obama looks like a shaved chimp, Tovarishch?

    An American gentleman I know refers to "dropping the Obamas off at the pool" when he wants to go for a dump.
  7. I wonder if the now unemployed ex-newsreader regets his actions?
  8. Frankly speaking I was not aware about her existance until this case. I suspect that she was about to be fired and decided to leave the channel with a scandal.

    It is a rule of show- business: you must be known by public. No matter why. No matter it is a negative or positive pulicity.

    Also, it should be taken into account that mr.Obama softly speaking is not very popular in Russia.

    I fancy what would be a reaction if mr.Putin was mentioned instead mr.Obama... I suspect that the publicity would be huge.
  9. Me, no... No of course, mr.Obama doesn't look as shaved gimp. I meant that any comparison a white man with monkey is regarded as a joke, or as maximum as an personal insult. But as for persons of African and sometimes Asian origin it in many case treated as racism.

    Is it fair? I believe it is not fair.
  10. There's a vulgar buffoon in Russia?! Well, who'd have thought it?!

    The only surprising thing is that some fool let her in front of a TV camera, a mistake that no-one will ever make again.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yo Tovarich, long time no see. I heard you got nicked planting half a ton of RDX under a block of flats in Ryazan then claiming it was sugar and just jolly larks and high spirits with your FSB chums? Clearly I was misinformed.

    Show Business in Russia? I have done a Google but I am still at a loss. Show Business in Russia? Apart from the Bolshoi, a difficult concept to understand wouldn't you agree?
  12. The other night my wife was watching planet of the apes on TV. Then I realised it was the news and it was, in fact, live footage from the Whitehouse. That work for you KGBR?