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Russian Navy Flotilla - Channel transit July 20


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A 40 year old ship is new?

On that calculation I'm just approaching my 20th birthday!

Read the OP carefully, sans Brasso goggles.....the Udaloy class is of a similar vintage to our old Fleet workhorse, the Type 42.

The 'new' vessel is the first of a class of six OPV's - the Vasily Bykov.

Which left Sevastapol 18 June 2020 headed for the Baltic.

Seagoing maid-of -all work for littoral waters.

Unlike some NATO equivalents, it carries a shipboard anti aircraft Missile (AAM) system called
3K90 M-22 - Uragan" / “Hurricane” (NATO classification SA-N-7 Gadfly ).

@jrwlynch may have a better view of this.

But basically it's seaborne variant of the Buk-M3 missile that shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 over Ukraine in 2016.

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