Russian MiGs For Venezuela?

From Prensa Latina via VHeadline.

There may be a deal brewing for the sale of MiG-29 fighter planes by the firm Rosoboronexport to Venezuela.

...Alexandr Jramchijin, an expert from the Russian Institute of Political and Military Analysis, told the digital version of Gazeta.Ru that Venezuela and the company Rosoboronexport are close to striking a deal. He added that there may be reaction from Washington but both countries are ready.

"Diplomatic source confirms that Russia could sell combat planes to Venezuela" 13 January 2006
there may be a deal ... So who care’s?

A country in South America has a few “old aircraft” i.e.

This prototype led the way to further multi-role upgrades which were realized in the MiG-29M prototypes. The first MiG-29M (MiG-33) flew on 25Apr86.
So why the worry. The good ol US of A can’t handle a few Commy planes over 20 years old?

Its got a cruise range of what? About 900 nm, hmmm don’t think its going to be hitting any real Mercian stuff.
Very interesting. Chavez is switching suppliers from the US (from whom spares are no doubt an issue these days) to Russia. He gets to play the independence card again, probably gets a good deal from the Russians as they can do with the cash, or maybe they'll just pay in oil. Militarily it's not going to matter much, but it's another way Chavez has to emphasise the split with the US.
Hey why not. He already has PLA SF advisors instructing his SF and the PLA provides around a 100 troops as part of his PSD.
Probably has Cubans in the mix. The Russians need to sell weapons and the PRC and Cubans need to protect their oil supplier.
tomahawk6 said:
.The Russians need to sell weapons and the PRC and Cubans need to protect their oil supplier.
Sounds very much like the way the Septics do business, T6! :D :D :D


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