Russian M4 Parka

Does anyone have any experience with these Russian M4 Parka's you can pick-up? With the cold weather here, I'm after something decent.

Cheers guys.



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Those two really arn't getting on are they...

One of my co-workers at work, a Lithuainian fellow, has a parka which looks like that - only in green. He's always warm and toasty when i'm freezing my balls off.

Not so sure about the camo hat as well though...
a friend of mine picked one of these up of rusmil (where that pic comes from), he also got a pair of the russian fur lined boots. Warmest bits of kit he's ever had.

they are VERY bulky mind you.
I lived in a part of Russia where it got to -40oC during winter. We used the civvie and military versions of the parka as construction site uniform - they are very bulky and warm, but made of ultra-cheapo cotton and artificial fur, etc. No Goretex. Good for standing around somewhere icy cold, but probably not so good on the move or in the rain.
Cheers guys. :) ...rusmill is where I was looking to get it.

4(T), any idea if the issue one is made the same way? (Just realised you posted that Lee Enfield thread... I plan on re-finishing my no4 at some point 8) )
The Russian clothing factories are still very much soviet-style entities: they produce military contracts and then carry on churning out the same stuff for market - its not like UK where the military has its own specification. In Russia there are hundreds of separate government and private security companies, and dozens of different styles of uniform. Civvies use exactly the same garments for winter wear or for digging their allotment. Oddly enough, the most popular security "fashion" at the moment is good old British DPM! Very strange to see platoons of DPM-clad russkies bimbling around....

The fur-lined boots are surprisingly effective: they are of cheap and nasty "cardboard leather" construction - even worse than 1st generation combat highs - but they grip very well on sheet ice and keep toes warm even when the temp is down to the -40oC I mentioned above. I had a pair of expensive "Columbia" snow boots, but found the crappy Russian boots actually better.
Ahh that explains the photo in the guardian showing russian troops doing counter terrorists and one of them is in dpm.

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