Russian junkies making deadly drug

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Had a read of this article from last year grim stuff if your left shooting this into your veins wonder how long before the know how appears over here? Do junkies even try making stuff like this over here

    pics of the after effects arent too clever either
  2. Are those photos for real? Not to doubt you but that looks so gruesome I have to ask. If yes then the stuff that does that to the taker seems to be a new dreadful low point.

    What is it that possesses some people to do this to themselves?
  3. Yep, those are genuine. They call it 'krokodil' - it's an opiate that can be synthesised from codeine in a home lab quite easily and it's viciously powerful.

    Edit: Oops, just realised that pretty much everything I said was already in the article BR linked to. Hey ho.
  4. Sometimes you just despair, you hope that people will get wiser but it seems like one step forward and two steps back. Is it a lack of education, awareness, intelligence, stupidity, boredom, lack of purpose or the like; maybe some combination thereof.
  5. I know a guy in Newcastle who is a druggy, and is diffy one forearm. When I first met him I assumed he had been a train crash victim or something. I now know that he had it amputated due to ****ing up his veins thru herion addiction. As you can guess, I have never invited him to my home.
  6. If you read the article Fiona the users know the effects/outcome and normally a lifespan of 12 months once they start using makes our junkies who die due to a bad batch cut with rat posion/vim lightweights in comparison
  7. I'm afraid M-Cat is seemingly the drug of choice lately, the govt. did make it illegal so it's now more popular but the penalties aren't as severe as say heroin, so it's pretty much open season.
  8. Just read it (or one such article anyway) What can you say, nothing that I can think of as it seems to defy analysis or reason. Seems to be beyond senseless.
  9. It's real, enjoy this entertaining video.

    [video=youtube;REP6NCDfAtg] source%3Dvideo%26cd%3D7%26ved%3D0CEsQtwIwBg%26url% Fv%253DREP6NCDfAtg%26ei%3DkvMzUL6RGajV0QXN0oCIBg%2 6usg%3DAFQjCNFmhwDqNKSWf1eoEAEwznlUqiYvDw&has_veri fied=1[/video]
  10. Darwinism at work. Junkies in dire need of a fix will do anything and although Desomorphine is potent stuff, does not of itself cause the terrible effcts.

    The way the prats cook it up from Codiene results in injecting residues of solvents, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorus.

    FFS what could possibly go right with that?
  11. I'd love to hear what the Doctor was saying to him, I did think of a witty caption but I noticed it's in currrent affairs and making soup with cabbage and body parts perhaps wasn't suitable.
  12. Absolutely ****ing horrible. Thank **** my drug of choice is nicotine and caffeine.
    We could experiment on Huntley and co., to try and find a cure.

    Poor bastards.

  13. The Russians really are ****ing up fast and picking up speed in regard to drugs. Their flat refusal to allow methadone treatment or needle exchanges is causing more problems than it solves.

    I also read that Russia has the fastest growing AIDS epidemic in the world.
  14. The only good thing in all of this is that junkies are almost exclusively quite amazingly, stunningly stupid. The one thing they do not do at all, ever, is go looking for drug synthesis routes. Most of these are patented, requiring only literacy and google-fu to sort out.

    For instance, quoting from Thought on desomorphine synthesis
    we find a simple recipe to convert over-the-counter codeine formulations into actual heroin. Codeine is cheap in Russia, industrial chemicals even cheaper. However it would appear that an IQ bigger than one's shoe size is a vanishingly rare commodity over there...