Russian Inventor Patents Invisibility Cloak

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jan 26, 2006.

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  2. I've been ripped off, I invented that, put it down in the patents office and couldn't find it again..
  3. What? The office or the cloak? :lol:
  4. Both, I'm sh*t at navigating unless I'm drunk, then the GPS (Geordie Positioning System) kicks in and I always wake up in bed, maybe I should patent that?
  5. ....but whose bed?!? Or does it really matter? :lol:
  6. Well Norman, thats the problem, I could relay a story about an unfortunate urination navigation error and my in laws but I still find it embarrasing. (Oh if only I'd had my invisibility cloak that night!)
  7. I know of a similar device which renders an object placed behind it invisible for an observer:

    It's called a wall.

    I think most of the officers in my unit have one of these cloaks as we never see them
  9. Heres an article from 2003,some Jap with a Invisibilty cloak,his methods different but fairly good results.


    not sure about having your mate walk around with a projector though.
  10. Russian invents drink a bottle of vodka, and suddenly, everything else is invisible!