Russian 'intelligence' comedy of errors

It means 'incorrect question'. Term 'credible source' means something only if you ready to change your opinion. Sinon, you accept only confirmations of your own misunderstandings.
No snide posts about French equipment today Yars
I thought you may have had some reservations about the latest version of the AMX 13
This rape thing has been mentioned a few times. Where does it come from?
Its based on statements made by him about his activities in Chechnya
Some one (eg @scalieback ) can link it - it was linked previously when I asked the question.

Its in the Ukraine thread I think
It’s under a previous banned identity Yars that @Grey Fox has confirmed to be him
Really? When and where?
Is it selfish of me to want your house to burn down on Christmas Day with your extended family inside, so that I can picture you stood in the snow on your lawn as tears track through the soot on your face, as the realisation dawns that you are a filthy rapist and you have nothing in life?
Really? When and where?
You’ve been pinged since at least June. The fact you don’t admit you are one and the same is all part of your lies.

You knew my Avatar within about five posts
You started when @YarS was hoofed again for bypassing the swear filter
You use the same poor spelling
You use the same lies
You use the same phrases ‘kekekeke’
You believe the same lies
You post the same drivel
You post the same on LoR and ‘the last Ringbearer

I could go on, but the only one in denial is you Yaraslov aka YarS aka Shagrat.

E2A: A link above and some stats. 1,200 posts in four months:
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@blurp , are those chattering animals typical species of the British anti-intellectuals?
No idea. They may well be good lads who would have my back ( in a fully manly way). That is all I have ever asked for. We are quite angry and the comments made to you are to be expected.

Would we care as much if this series of events were actioned in some fly blown shit hole on the far side of the world? I think not. It is in that field that your masters miscalculated.
....thing is.....your average serviceman from the west when confronted by a staving woman begging for food would drop the default 'macho' shit, which, let's face it, is an act most of the time anyway, hand-over as much food as possible and do their level best to provide aid and shelter in accordance with the Geneva Convention and common decency- not go into rapist mode - but then rape and murder is part of the glorious Red Army's proud tradition
Didn't you ever wonder why the uk's state broadcaster decided not to run a skripal-piece on crimewatch over the last 7mths.
LOL. Your supervisor at Troll City needs to do some basic research. You have been informed of this in recent posts but obviously it hasn't sunk in. Crimewatch was axed in 2017. The question is why didn't you or your supervisor know that? That peak-time viewing format of Crimewatch has been retired.

Crimewatch axed by BBC after 33 years

Axed! Who killed Crimewatch – and why?
I liked it when KGB_resident got permission to slag off Putin after the Syrians whacked an RU plane. That's called pretending to not be a government employee.
No snide posts about French equipment today Yars
I thought you may have had some reservations about the latest version of the AMX 13
Do you mean Singapores AMX 13 SM2? There are only rumours about it - they want to add few anti-tank (or anti-infantry) missiles, new smoke grenades, new computers, new comms and sensors and so on... One of most important goals - ability of anti-sniper work and deep integration in the infantries battlenet.

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