Russian Hit Squad in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. From strategypage.

    Russian Assassins in Iraq
    October 10, 2006: Last June, after five Russian diplomats were killed by Sunni Arab terrorists, many experienced counter-terrorism professionals expected the Russians to act. Russia, over some two centuries, has developed some very successful techniques for dealing with such terrorism. When confronted with terrorist attacks like this, the Russians go in and play by terrorist rules. They terrorize the terrorists. Back in the 1980s, for example, Islamic terrorists in Lebanon kidnapped a Russian diplomat. The Russians (then the Soviets, a distinction without much difference in these matters) quickly found out which faction had their guy, kidnapped a relative of one of the kidnappers, and had a body part delivered to the Islamic kidnappers. The message was, release the Russian diplomat unharmed, or the KGB (Soviet secret police) would keep sending body parts, and grabbing kinfolk of the kidnappers. The Russian diplomat was released. Apparently that lesson has been forgotten, at least in some parts of Iraq.

    Or has it? Nothing has been heard of any Russian retribution over the last four months. Russian president Putin publicly announced that something would be done. The Russians certainly have the means. For thirty years, from 1973-2003, Russian agents (from the KGB, then the FSB) worked with the Iraqi government on security matters. Saddam Hussein originally brought the KGB in to help him deal with enemies in Iraq. The KGB gets some of the credit for Saddam surviving dozens of coup and assassination attempts. In return, Saddam shared information he had on terrorist groups. Saddam provided a safe-haven for Arab terrorists (including al Qaeda), partly to protect himself from them, partly to have access to their services. During those three decades of cooperation, some 70,000 Russian military advisors, many of them intelligence and security specialists, served in Iraq. All of this is known from documents captured in Iraq in 2003, and interrogations of Iraqi officials. The Russians denied most of it officially, confirmed some of it privately. Russia and the United States have, since September 11, 2001, been cooperating in the fight against Islamic terrorists. The U.S. knows that the Russians still have a lot of contacts in Iraq, especially among those who served in Saddam's intelligence and security services. Russia has not been sharing a lot of this information.

    Intelligence organizations do not issue press releases detailing their progress in these kinds of operations. Often they do not even announce success. But in this case, the Russians would likely announce that they had killed those responsible for murdering their diplomats. To send a message, so to speak. Another potential problem is that the Iraqi government, or the United States, might not take kindly to Russian agents, with a license to kill, wandering about freely. Then again, the guys who killed the Russians live in very rough neighborhoods. Iraqi police and U.S. troops only enter those areas heavily armed and ready for a fight. But the Russians know this, and have agents and commandos trained for this sort of thing. Finding the killers, and getting to them, could take a while. The Russians tend to be patient, and persistent, in these matters. They also realize that they have a reputation to uphold. Many times, local thugs and radicals have avoided harming Russian diplomats because of the Russian tradition of retribution. Break that tradition, and you put a lot of Russian diplomats at risk in the future. So the Russians have a practical reason for settling scores with this particular bunch of Sunni Arab terrorists. The only thing that could stop the Russians is someone else having gotten to the killers first. The attrition among Sunni Arab terrorists is very high. If American or Iraqi counter-terror action has already killed the guys the Russians are hunting, it would still probably be announced, just to show that the Russians were on the case. So, four months of silence probably means that the Russians are still after the people who killed their diplomats.
  2. Are you suggesting, that there are no USofA hit teams floating about Iraq / Astan at the moment???

    Hey, I have seen Air America and I know what you gays.... sorry guys get up to!!!
  3. Imagine pres.Putin who claims that a dozen was killed and few dozens were blinded and penises cut. Unlikely it will happen (I mean public statement).

    Putin who himself is a former KGB-man will never forgive these murderers and he is powerfull enough, has significant resources at hand. Look at reaction toward Georgia. 4 Russian officers were detained and soon released unharmed. But the reaction was furious.

    No doubt that pres.Putin ordered to capture at least one performer. Maybe he is now in Moscow's undegrounds. It is possible that he even confessed that the order came from ... a very unexpected source. So pres.Putin (maybe) is waiting for a right moment to explode an informational bomb.

    Who knows?

    It is ARRSE btw
  4. And Gen. T6 ret.'s prediction was:

    So are they "cooperating" or not? Nice little contradiction there 'Tell' us everything and NOTHING at the same time.

    How do you know Gen. T6 ret. that your original prediction was in fact accurate, and that is writing utter nonsense? Over 50 bodies are turning up in Baghdad alone EVERY DAY. For all we know, the Russians have been in, done their business, and then left. No song, no dance, no hurragghhh. But the bad Iraqi boys are no longer, and their friends know not to mess with the Russians...

    So who's right and who's spouting rubbish, Gen. T6 ret. or :)
  5. This has been discussed already.
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Yes, it may have been discussed here before; however, no conclusions were reached, or real facts or evidence found to prove or disprove any activity by 'Russian' 007's.

    So, why not discuss it again, if new facts, new rumors, etc. surface? Or if someone just wants to bring it up again that is their prerogative, isn't it?

    IMHO, the Russians will make every effort to accomplish this, or as someone has already said here, may have accomplished it already and added to the daily rate of bodies found in that city. The only ones that will know for sure, are the leaders of the organization that did the kidnapping and the killers. :wink:
  7. All I can say is...happy hunting, Ivan!
    I must confess, I always had a soft spot for the old KGB. Ruthless b@stards. They never suffered from "Batman's Disease" - we can't kidnap/torture/kill you because we're the good guys. Like the Israeli's, the Ivan's attitude was/is: fcuk the Geneava Convention. Get the job done. By any means necessary.
  8. That Putin is a nasty f*cker, go get em.

  9. Yeah, he's Nails. Ex-KGB and Judo black-belt. Always makes me laugh when you see him meeting Bush or Blair. Putin says something in Russian and someone translates. FFS, the guys ex-KGB - he speaks better English than Bush!
    Mind you, that's not saying much...
  10. Yeah, a bit like the Gestapo. :roll:
  11. Aye, hence the IDFs widespread use of specialist Russian contractors to fill the gaps in their capability.
    Sure, Ivan always had a hell of a lot of chaff, but also a fair bit of premium grade wheat. :wink:
  12. Radio 4 (?) did a piece this morning about Putins nice image in the west and the fear that people have of him in the east. He's a hard man.

    I could take him though.

  13. If your avatar provides any clues, I wouldn't disagree with that at all. :) :)
  14. RT; KGB made the Gestapo look like boy-scouts. And Uncle Joe Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler managed to. It tells you everything you need to know about the Ivans that a sizeable percentage of them still reverve Stalin as one of their greatest leaders.
    No surprise that the Russian Mafia, which has a lot ex-KGB, GRU, Spetsnaz in it's ranks, is the most powerful criminal organisation in the world(apart from New Labour).
  15. In private Bush has people to "translate" (expand/interpret they say)" his views as well...

    Putin's need for a translator gives good "psy benefits" in negs.