Russian heretics-Splitters!


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It appears that Vlad's vainglorious war in Ukraine has led to the Russian Church flouncing away from the Orthodox fold, and condemning the entire Russian population to eternal damnation as heretics.

Nice one, Dobby, Prince of Lies.

Russian Church cuts all links with Istanbul
The Roman pope considers them all heretics and damned to hell. He's just too polite to say it.

It will make Ukraine interesting, adding a religious dimension to the war
You can always rely on religion to make things good in the world eh!
All going back to the Ecumenical Council of 573 when Pope Artimeus decreed that priests should have ponytails just to spite the bald archbishop of Moscow. Or some other pointless rubbish. I predict stonings.
Ah, so it's an ecumenical matter.
Apparently the Ukrainian Orthodox church has been on the receiving end of shit from the Russian Orthodox 'big brother' since - forever, when the Soviet state weren't trying to murder them both of course....

Sky pixies, sponsors of morf since.....before the Old Testament?

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Two anecdotes in this regard.

One from 1986:

One more recently. No names no pack drill and personalities have moved on. Given the honour of hosting a Ukrainian VIP I sallied forth with my best and most rusty Russian only to be told that the chap no longer used Russian since the invasion and that he would only use English.

I was mightily relieved.
The statement of Russian Bishop Metropolitan Hilarion (crazy name crazy guy!) in full.


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