Russian helos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. They'd never want these. Cheap, reliable, off-the-shelf, no frills....since when have we bought anything like that?
    Only stupid people like the Indians go and buy a proven bit of kit like that and then improve it with Gucci western avionics, ending up with something 85% as good as a Western helicopter for 30% of the cost. No, no, no....
  2. are you slightly angry? :wink:
  3. Dude, what triggered that? Russian helos are less comfy than western ones.
  4. I've seen Russian airliners close up (inside and out) and they scared the crap out of me...not sure I would feel safe in a Russian helo if they are to the same standard. Buy cheap, buy twice?

    Merlin on the other hand is like riding in a brand new Range Rover, with IR flares fitted...almost. It's just finding one to use that's the problem.
  5. The comparison with a Range Rover is a good one. We all know how much they cost. Now, imagine you are carrying a sack of spuds home and your mate drives up with his Skoda or Volks. Are you going to say, "no thanks, it's not as good as a Range Rover?", or get in?

    In my experience, most people who think Russian helicopters are sh*te haven't used them. They look inside one at an air show, put on a sour face because it isn't like a Western one, and say it's crap. Every time you see a disaster relief operation on TV, what's in the background? An Mi-8 or -17.

    These guys realised long ago, that reinventing the wheel isn't very clever if all you want to do is build a cart. What have they been using to take supplies to the international space station for the last ten years? The old Soyuz rocket, a slightly modified version of Gagarin's bit of kit.

    Yes, there are places you need a slick helo covered in the latest defensive aids gadgets and Gucci kit, but there's a lot more times when you need a truck that can do vertical take-offs and landings. The problem is of course, that our manufacturers don't want to build cheap and simple. Less profit in it, I guess.
  6. very true, bit like the ak 47, if you had one weapon in the world to trust your life with what would you pick? that marval of western engineering a sa 80 perhaps or that fifty year old russian antique? id know what i go for
  7. Id feel quite re-assured being ferried around by one of these bad boys :wink:

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  8. Had a return ticket on a civilian MI-8, lets just say it was a nice ferry ride on the way back, but in it's defence they were running a cheap service and it looked like they were scrimping on the servicing to keep it cheap. It stank of kerosene and I mean nauseatingly so and the rotor bearing sounded shot through (but I don't know what they normally sound like). The point is she was still flying and at a profit.

    I guess a 3rd class flight is better than a 1st class Bedford especially if you're the poor fecker waiting for a medavac!
  9. Most of the problems with Russian-designed helos are down to poor maintenance/lack of available spares in theatre. Brand new or well-maintained they're good, reliable workhorses. Maybe not comfortable, but then neither's walking.

    The Czech HIP fleet in Boz were a bit of an buttock-clencher, but that's mainly because the pilots were pished most of the time.
  10. A2 I would hit what I aimed at .
    Flown in hips twice didn't inspire confidence maybe if they were serviced by crab air or reme would think better of them .
  11. I would also add that maybe (?) they aren't built to last as long, because the Ruskis knew they had hundreds more to replace them. Hence if maintained poorly they fall apart quickly.

    So buy a cheap Russian design, maintain it properly (assuming spares packets are available) and it should be ok. Maybe you will need to maintain it more often but someone would do a cost of maintaining vs purchase cost comparison. You'd hope....
  12. Been in a HiP a couple of times, the whole thing didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It might be due to bad maintenance, or just due to being cheaply built. I'd imagine that building a Hind under license over here might solve that, but who knows?

    Some mates of mine were in a minor Seaking crash at SLB and walked away with some heavy bruising, in some of the Russian crates I've seen they'd have been fecked.
  14. Jesus. I don't think he even flared.