Russian Gazprom Seeks UK Acquisitions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. From Pravda.

    The North European Gas Pipeline, now under construction, is to bring Russian gas to western Europe and the UK. The project consortium, headed by Gazprom, expects that it will become operational in 2010.

    Meanwhile, Gazprom expects to acquire Scottish Power for a sum somewhat in excess of ten billion pounds sterling.

    Further, Gazprom may acquire "a large oil company in Great Britain." (The article doesn't say which one but I only know of one.)

    It's stated that Gazprom has an annual investment budget of ten billion dollars.

    The intentions of the Russian gas company have raised concerns with several British politicians. On the other hand, Great Britain is on the verge of an energy crisis. An offer from Russia may come in handy for the country at this point.

    "Russia's Gazprom to conquer British energy market"
    01/19/2006 19:28
  2. Britian must go Nuclear. It's the only way to obtain the massive ammount of electrical power needed to run the cuntry.
    Britian must reduce it's reliance on overseas oil and gas.
    I beleive the Technology is there and monsterous UK investment is needed, both cash and Political will.
  3. I have to agree. North sea gas and oil will be pretty much gone by 2020. Recent events show that we Russia can't be relied upon for a reliable supply, just like many other energy suppliers. Nuclear will take at least 10 years to come online but it's about time someone took the plunge and the public realised that things have moved on a bit from when they were offered "electricity too cheap to meter".
  4. Nuclear is THE ONLY WAY FORWARD. Ratclife power station near me generates 2000MW it would take a minimum of 2000 wind turbines running 24/7 at 100% efficency to do the same. I dont know about you but i dont fancy 2000 of the 200ft white things in my back garden
  5. if we allow gazprom to take over our energy needs , Political influence will follow as was demonstrated in Ukraine when they tried to flex their muscle on that country.

    having said that , i don't think they will be prepared for British bloody mindedness as Hitler was to discover to his cost.
  6. you will have no problems with a nuke plant on your doorstep?
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Funnily enough whilst my kids were playing football against Lydd youth (Dungeness) we remarked on their size, the notion of glowing in the dark and the fact that they were kicking us to bits. I cheered the wife up when I pointed out that none of them would make proffessional footballers as they would all die of leukemia etc!
  8. I would rather have nuclear power stations than dodgy looking Russian pipelines that suddenly 'explode' randomly.

    Least we wouldn't have to worry about disrupted supplies if they decided to turn off the gas in a diplomatic incident like whats happening at the moment.
  9. Why don't they do the same as the other (alleged) Russian gangsters and just buy up football clubs?