Russian Film "Come and See"

I watched this film the other day after reading a few good reviews about it,comparing it to Apocalyspe now,I didn't think much of it,did any one else like it ?
I actually bought it on DVD after reading rave reviews but like yourself wasn't too impressed, seemed to be lot of lingering facial close ups for some reason, quite bizarre.


I also got hold of this on DVD after it's reviews, not come around to watching it yet though.


I haven't seen the whole film but was shown the village pogrom scene while on a course a few years back. The level of brutality depicted was astonishing and left the audience somewhat taken aback. It seemed realisticaly cruel and I have meant to get hold of a copy ever since.

I am sure there are political undertones behind the production of the film in that (IIRC) it was produced behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980s. If it is the quality of the film-making that you are critical of then is it worth bearing in mind that the Warsaw Pact were not known for producing world class block-buster films that sold on the open market. This film was probably approved by a committee for its ideological and propaganda value as much as its historical accuracy or artistic value.

I still intend to get hold of a copy.


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Likewise, wanted a copy for ages but it's £20 in HMV!

Try 'Europa Europa' if you thought Come And See was anywhere near watchable.

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