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Russian EW/Cyber doctrine

Vendor H, at least, actively boasts that its products are certified by CESG (the defensive bit of GCHQ) and seems to see this as a selling point. I have no idea what this means between us and the cousins, who thought anything Huawei was like AIDS on a stick even before the beef about Iran sanctions.

As far as ZTE goes, you pays your money and takes your choice. Very much the "down to a price, not up to a standard" last chicken in the shop option.
Sovereign nations do their own evaluations - what is good for one might not be for another.

The UK list of NCSC-evaluated products is HERE, and is open-source before people reading this start getting excited!!
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Reminds me of a story about Sir John Moore – from Wikipedia:

“He had a reputation as an exceptionally humane leader and trainer of men; it is said that when new buildings were being constructed at the camp and the architect asked him where the paths should go, he told him to wait some months and see where the men walked, then put the paths there.”

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